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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I Sure A Flicka Don't Know!

Hello there boys and girls. It's time to play Shake The Brain! I shall have a go at whatever crosses my mind.

Rain and a northerly breeze has brought a little cooler air here, and it feels wonderful.

I was on the shipping dock today. Okay, this word has already got me started. Doc, as in Doctor means Doc. Tell me why, do we need to add, another letter that sounds the same, to doc to get dock? Does not doc, and dok sound the same? Well now, back to the shipping dock, or doc. A summertime rain was pounding on the roof so I's (Remember that be me in yesterday's lesson.) raised one of the dock, dok doors and peered out at the wonderful deluge we're gettin.  Wind was sweeping some moisture in at me, it felt better than a strawberry milkshake on a 95 degree day. (I cannot tell a lie to my friends. There be nothing better than a strawberry milkshake on a hot day, unless it be a chocolate milkshake on an even hotter day.)

I stood there several minutes and let the droplets cleanse my face and soul. Damn, felt soo good!

Almost got meself into a fine mess tonight. Oh, maybe that should be last night to you, causin as I type this, it is still the same night, but as you read this, it be last night! (Confusing ain't it?)

Anyhows, the bossus that knowus, left us, and left me with new people who are a learnin. (I love her to!) Well now, some people you know, never lurn. Seems me and a small band of new ones are bout to embark on a trip . Remember the show Gilligan's Island. Well now, we got no Captain, nor a Professor. We in deep shite! Yes we be! So me, and the new bees, attempt to make honey. We're  drowning. I keep a workin, and a workin, adjusting, and adjusting.

I felt myself being pulled through that tunnel when people are crossin over, and are walkin to the light. The faster I walk the light moves farther away. Seems I can't even die properly tonight. We keepa plugging away. To make a long, but funny story short we did get the job done.

HOW? I SURE A FLICKA DON'T KNOW!   Many laughs to you until I write again. Glen

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  1. Haha!! I am expecting some good stories if you are there training new people.