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Sunday, July 28, 2013


All our lives we have heard the phrase "they", "them." Who are these people.

"They don't give a rat's rear, bout us!"

"HUH?" The first thought that enters my mind is Politicians. Yes that's true, I'll throw "them," referring to Political Pollutants, or to shorten, Polluterticians.

As a child I heard them, meaning, ones not like us!

As I look back I would rather have been them. If you are good with money the slang was "tight as a?" You know "them!"

Ones from the other side of the Ohio river was laughed at, many jokes told about "them."

"Why?" Kids don't understand.

Other religions, other doctrines within Christianity "they don't understand."

I say . . .  don't they read the same bible.

Their interpretation is different than ours.

Wow! Imagine that. Different, nationalities, different, are different. How can that be. They are strange, because they don't see the things the way we do.

As I ponder upon my earliest days in school. They, my fellow classmates were all different.

"How can that be?" In those days of the late 50's and 60's, all were from my small community, no other nationalities, a stirring in the pot.

YET. Difference was there in all. Them barriers were there. Barriers of upbringing, prejudice of all kind was there.

I try as hard as anyone can, to not make fun, nor be prejudice. Sorry to say I do not succeed. I hate that part of me, but I will be totally honest to you, my friends.

I do not believe, I was born prejudice. That unfortunately for all of us is an inherited, learned, or brainwashed in. (Lucky us!)

Last night I was out after midnight, visiting my fav-o-rite convenient store. I see this white pick up truck, immediately I knew the owner was from south of the border, no, no, no, not state, country ya see. Sure nuff, a small, man wearing a flashy shirt with two flashy horses on the back was buying, a box of condoms, and a pack of cigarettes. He gets in his south of the border looking pick up and drives away.

Don't get me wrong! I felt no hatred for this man. I laugh for recognizing the showy descriptiveness of his truck, and being right.

In my community beginning about 30 years ago, factories from all over the globe began growing roots. All nationalities of the world work here, I go to my local supermarket and see all.

I'm not sure why this is even on my mind! Well I just reckon a lifetime of brainwashing prejudice from every angle, assuredly the mass medias. Can you watch any program on the boob tube today and not be influenced? So sad is we're being brainwashed without a hint we are, aren't we?

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