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Friday, July 19, 2013

yOu KnOw . . .?

I  miss this shit! I surely do! I can write any how . . . I wanna. I canna, hava FUN. I can be serious. I CAN BE ME!!! YOU KNOW . . . now, right now may be the time to do what I have been wanting to do fer quite a spell. In the beginning "Lord have merci!" It's only been three years since I begun this escapade. The escapade I be a talkin bout IS? An escape, uh huh! Have I lost ya? That's okay lower yer expectations down for Glenview. WHY Glenview? Well now, my name be Glen named after me grandpa. Yes, that makes his name Glen!!! (Just playing wis ya. I like to play wis ya.) Oh, oh, oh! My buddy opened this here bloggy doggy thing-a- ma bob just fer me. Kinda funny, he be collage educated, and have his own bloggy thing ya know. He be a tryin to save the world, and a, me be trying to put a coherent sentence together. Well, we use ta, have us some humdingers of discussions. Yes we did! We talka bout everything. We solved all the worlds problems in our discussions. Yes we did! I know what yerr, thinkin. (Please remember to hold that extra r, for a split second, or you won't get the full pleasure of my insanity.) Them old farts be stoned and drunk outta their fricking minds. No we be at work

WELL NOW! Iffa I got me a blog I hafta write somethun, don't I? That's when the shite hit the fan! (a hundred fans)

What, oh, a, a, a, a! I, I say I never typed a fore. Nope, nada, huh uh! Never needed to. Ya see I spent all my life as a working man, a working for a man I never knowed. (Did I fry yer brain on that one?) Well now I pecked, and pecked, and pecked, on this damn keyboard, Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. How many pecks did Peter Piper pick? (I know . . . please play along with me and hope it's not contagious.

Any hoo, it sure was trying! I almosta give up, many a times. DAMN!!! I forgot what I wanted to say. Oh, oh, oh! Yeah, why is it called Glenview? Well I gave my views sometimes, but, but, but I started thinkin. EVERYBODY got views. Who the hell wants to hear the views of an old man! SOO . . . I DECIDED, TO JUST BE ME! Yes I did. Guess what I don't wish to stop whatever it is I'm a doing. You know the world is so full of views, and most make no sense any how.

I decided to sit down at me Hewie Picardo and type whatever pops into my mind. Uh huh, how mature is that? Well now, then I started having fun. Yes I did!

We hear enough negativity, loud mouths, you know. SHEESH! Let's get away from that. I'm hard of hearing, have been all my life, have two hearing aids, you know, most the shite I hear, ain't worth hearing no how, no way! Take them Polluterticians. Please take them! Be it the Dum-o-rats, er the Re-puke-ticians 

See how I get sidetracked, I been working on this for over 60 years and just when I think . . . DAMN! I've lived long enough to know something. WELL everybody else smarter than me. So I'll give you me, and WHATEVER I BE A THINKIN. GOODNIGHT MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS, and a special thanks to Timster, for giving me the format to do this, also my few. but loyal readers especially one in Floor . . . Floor, Florida! Glen

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  1. Well it is good to see you again today. I feel like the world is coming alive again!! I might actually start writing more myself now that I don't feel like I am talking to myself. haha. I do have a couple of people who read, but YOU are the man professor and I am so glad to log on here and see you have posted something. You always make my day no matter what you write.