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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sack Man, Panic Attacks, and Strength From The Dead

I took off work today, my body is not back to normal after a couple really hard nights last week. (I'm not sure what normal is anymore, my old body seems to get a new ache, or pain every damn week.)

Ever buy a new pair of shoes and your feet hurts? I wear steel toe shoes and always buy new ones just like the old ones so as my feet don't hurt. (Why is it if your feet hurt your whole body seems to hurt?) I'mma already gettin sidetracked, please bear with me.

I reckon this stream of consciousness thing is what I do. I just start typin and well, seems a few of you out there read my???? Whatever. I'm sure you've heard of spirit writing, this here stream of consciousness thing or WHATEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have three stories that would take more time than I have to write that came to me in my dreams. My back has been bothering me so I spent much time lying about this weekend. Seems I can't lay down without taking a nap and believe me I took many naps this weekend including Monday.

I think I'll briefly discuss these dreams so as not to lose them forever. Tentatively titled The Sack Man, The Old Man and Panic Attacks, you'll really gonna like this one, Strength From The Dead. (Yep you read right!)

I'll take Strength From The Dead first. I a teenager living at home with a rather large family in a poor neighborhood am forced to sleep in the basement. The city cemetery has been encroaching ever closer to our house. The poorest ones of the city are being buried close to my house, now only two houses away. My mother and father make fun of the graveyard and the poor and getting poorer neighborhood with crime continuing to get worse. Unable to escape they make lite of the unfortunate situation. My mother inherited this really old, and rundown house from her mother. No one will buy it because of the location to the cemetery and we can't afford to move.

Okay I don't have time to write the whole dream. Place your imagination cap on. I have surreal dreams while sleeping six feet under and gain knowledge not known before. One night while coming home late some a gang of drunken, doped up gang members attack my parents car with my whole family in it at a stoplight. They break the windows and began pulling my sisters out. Then, THen, THEn, I say, THEN! forces from within, I've never encountered took over and I kick some shit out of the drunken dope heads. (Pretty cool huh!)

The Old Man and Panic Attacks. I have experienced panic attacks and can give insight to this dream story. An old man experiences panic attacks from the ever increasing modernization. Working and driving the same route to the factory that once was small and in the country. Now he fights the desire to continue working with all the obstacles he now faces as the company has grown so big he feels so small and out of place. He on the other hand does pretty much the same job, but getting to and from work sends shivers down his spine, until one day he cannot handle the amount of modernization madness, and totally shuts down inside the new building.

The Sack Man is about a well dressed man who gets off the train in the early 1930's after buying a ticket, taking him as far away as he could get from the east coast. He loses his memory of  the ordeal. A way of self-preservation He wanders around this small Indiana town. He makes friends with the proprietor of the general store. His walks about the small community sketching his daily encounters on paper sacks. He has become a local sensation as the shopkeeper gives him all the sacks he wishes to sketch, all the townspeople get beautiful sketches for free. One day Sam the shopkeeper gives him a present of paint supplies. Sam spends all his free time trying to learn more about this mysterious man and one day he finds out the answer.


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  1. Wow you have such a vivid imagination to come up with these stories. I hope you find the time to develop them (for your book of short stories that you are going to publish one day *smiles*)

    As of new shoes and feet hurting. Almost everytime I buy a new pair, which isn't often. Got to get them broken in before they feel good. I prefer flip flops these days haha.