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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Should I Laugh, Or Should I cry?

I sit here in the darkness, only the light from my monitor illuminate my keyboard hopefully to  enlighten me.

Here I am tired, and blue.

Waiting for a smile to be lighten my mood.

I search for laughter, for me, as well as you.

Grumpiness of Mondays, still tugging at my heart. I hate that feeling, I'm only human, same as you.

I growl at the thoughts that sometimes enter, when my shields grow weak.

Tiredness of body, illness, shakes me so. Sending shivers of what once was.

I've worked so hard, for so many years to hold the temptation of allowing what once was, to stay.

What dear friends keeps that at bay?

I hate myself for human flaws.

I love, I hate, too much, I think!

Ah . . . but that is me. An average Glen in the world of many me's.

I feel the love, so why do I hate?

Good question, I cannot answer.

So why bother, it can't be helped. Just another chipped brick in the house of billions.

We are more alike, than different you and me!

I hate no one. I hate only that part of me that allows hate, jealousy, all the qualities I loathe in others that also enters into me. . . . . . .


The young girl seems out of place in the workplace, Too young, too out of sync. First thought of her attire. Pants too low. Is this the way of young women today? Thong panties showing with a mere bend, What color are they today? Does she see herself, in the mirror of others? Is she showing herself as merely the trend? Oh my! Does she wish to be taken seriously? One day turns to weeks. Seems sweet, work minimal. Causes no problems. Do I laugh, or do I cry for her? The body of Hollywood. The sense of a child.

I see young girls everywhere I go, dressed this way. Mothers, Dads, where are you???

I never though I would consider myself old-fashion. I reckon I must be. There is a place unfortunately for everything under the sun.





I reckon I could go on and on.

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  1. I have asked these same questions you ask here. Things have changed so much that sometimes I wonder if I was kidnapped and dropped off on another planet !! I don't think there is any work ethic left, nor morality, or parenting least not much left anyway. It's sad to watch society collapsing and know that there is probably nothing we can do about it. I try to be an influence in my small circle starting with my family. I have been very lucky to raise 4 daughters and a son who for the most part have been decent hard working adults. And my girls all dress modestly because even though they are adults they know I would slap them from here to nowhere if they dressed like sluts hahaha. But seriously, they use pretty good sense when it comes to their attire.

    I'm sorry I have not written much lately. It seems there are not enough hours in the day sometimes. But I am really glad to see you here again.