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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Nut-so-ol-ogy 101, Yep!!!

My heart is lighter than not too many hours ago. Low back pain could of been used as an excuse to lounge away another day. Make it a long weekend, I deserve it! That's what earned days are for, anyway! Yes I could of done that. Automatically, as in the sparring partner for the big name boxers, all he knows, is to pull himself up.

I hate Mondays! NO! Let me make this perfectly clear! I REALLY HATE MONDAYS!!! I'm tickled pink, to have a job, able to earn my way, still have good enough health to do so! It be the fucking mental part... wow, wow, wow! Let me rephrase that. It be the fucking mental retardation-ness of what one (I don't hafta tell y'all out there I be missing mucho in the synapse are fried department!) must go through! It be at the all time level of incompetence, I fear today! HEY! I certainly HOPE, it's better, wherever ye, be reading this!

I'm REALLY trying to shy away from posts like these. BUTT...................... if yer, slapped, smack dab in the face every single day! What is one to write about? One writes what he knows about, sees, encounters. I's don't know much, I's sees a heap, I's encounters more silliness in one day than I could put in words if I wrote full time as a real job! You think I be funning ya don't ya! Lord have mercy, I wish I was a funning ya!

I must keep my sense o humor lest I go NUTSO! I be a certified Freudian Scholar in Nut-so-ology! YEP!

I've teetered on the precipice all me life! There is an old saying "takes one to know one." I'm a forever recovering Nut case! The first step in recovery is to admit you have a problem! Yep, I admit it, and the evidence is scattered loosely over 500 posts, here on GlenView! Why the hell you think it's titled that way like Bellvue! So, so, so, if I know nothing else in life I knowsa about crazies, therefore I'm a Professor in Nutsoology here on GlenView! 

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  1. Well, you may be a nutty professor, but you are my favorite nutty professor. I wouldn't want you any way but the way you are. I like reading everything you come up with here in Glen View. So what does that say about me huh? *smiles*