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Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I've been trying a new meditation/relaxation technique. Since I have been more physically active at work and have been working some overtime, usually my back is somewhat sore. I come home, let the dog out, eat a bite and lie down on the bed, with no intention of sleep mind, ya!

I feel my body release a sigh of relief! Slowly, as in approximately an hour, relaxation soothes my whole body. The tension evaporates from my mind, and body. I've been trying my mothers technique of "thinking about nothing!" Yep, she says that! As my body soothes, my mind going to that no man's land of thinkin about nothin! If everythang, goes as planned, (I knowsa it suppose to be spelled everything, dag gone it rememburr, this here be GlenView!) I get up after an hour, of visiting my mama's world. Well I walk somewhat sideways, as my back has tightened up while walking to the bathroom and look in the mirror. YEP, I DETERMINE, I HAVE BEEN IN THAT MEDITATION/RELAXATION/THINKIN ABOUT NOTHIN MODE! Guess what? I think I like it! Sosa, I go fix me a glass of decaffeinated ice tea. (One little tid-bit of info bout ol' Glen here. Issa don'ta drink, nothin hot. Don't drink coffee, hot chocolate, never have don't like hot beverages!) I take my bedtime medicine and sit down at the desk, turn the computer on, before I know it my fingers be walking the keyboard. Yep one of them Automatic Writing wandering spirits be in charge of my mind for a spell! Would I lie to you, my favorite people in the whole world? Since the spirit realm is in charge of me mind, I be thinkin about nothin, just like me mommy, yep I reckon I lurned somethun from her after all. When them spirits be writin, my mind's is completely flat lining, as in heart flat lining you know! Me mother had seven children and a worthless husband, she lurned early on to block out, everythang as in "thinkin about nothin!" And all these years I thought me mother be a mite touched in the head! NO!, NO!, NO! I absolutely do not mean that in a bad way! I love my mother more than I love life! Ya see, only as I age, do I see how smart my momma is!

All my life I have been thinkin too fucking much! That there my friends be the trouble!!! I try to figure everythang out, I gotsa have a logical explanation. I'm here to tell ya, on this day, the 5th of December, in the year 2012. Are ya ready? You'll go wacko, if you try to figure everythang out! There be no rhyme, reason, logic to everythang!

I been thinkin too hard all me life, trying to make a tad of sense, out of life! Only recently have I lurned my mama's secret! I was bout, to give up, ya see. This here illogical way of life done, plum, fucking, almost, completely, fried, my fricking brain fer the last time. I didn't think I was going to get up off the canvas as the ten count was closing in on this 61 rounds of life! "The idiocy of life has won," I say onto myself.

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  1. I can't say I can think about nothing, but I have managed to sedate my brain enough that my mind still thinks, it just doesn't speak anymore hahaha. Things here at home have been so noisy, so stressful, so crazy, that even the people inside my head quit talking because they knew that was the only place I could go for some peace. Maybe after the first of the year I will begin thinking again, then maybe I will be able to write again. I sure haven't been able to as of late.