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Friday, December 21, 2012

I'll write myself into a good mood... nah!

Hello from my house to yours. It be a cold 29 degrees here. The wind be whirling away with a vengeance! Snow be stinging away at any unprotected part of your skin. HELLO... winter be here, and it's a letting us know it! Brrrr... I hate winter! Well not all of winter, just this part. Every year I bust my buttocks on ice! Would make for a laugh if you're not the one, going down, but my achy breaky back, can't take much more of this!

My goal was, to not be out and about making deliveries in all kinds of weather. I ain't the Post Office, I can't afford the deficit, only a government can afford that! (Oops how sad, that be us!)

I been in a down mood sorry! I shall try to write myself out of it!

Christmas be the time to go crazy! Spend, spend, spend, charge, charge, charge, why should we be any different than our government! So we the taxpayers pay back 40 cents to every dollar borrowed, that's the way Democracy works right? Them poor bankers, they need the money DON'T THEY? 

That Federal Reserve is right handy! If there ain't enough money! They just fire up the presses! Lordy, it sure is a fine thing! We'll never run out o money, as long as we have trees! Man oh man! I wonder who was the brillant man, who thunk of this? Trillions in debt, TURN UP THE PRESSES! "THE AMERICAN WAY!" 

I can't figure out why there worried about a Financial Cliff? Sheesh... can't the Federal Reserve print, Uncle Sam some more! At only 40 cents to the dollar who cares? ((((OBVIOUSLY NOBODY!!!))))

Hey we voted these fine representatives from only the best colleges in!
What we must figure out now, is what the hell happened to them on the way to Washington!

I know! I know! "ALIENS" Zapped them Ivy League brains! Laugh at me will ya? Makes about as much sense as anything else!

Who be them Lobbyist, I hear so much about? Be they any relation to WE? As in "WE THE PEOPLE!"

I been a thinkin upon this! Yes I have! After much pondering with the help of Billy Bob, Ray Earl and some others that dropped by unexpected, with buck deers tied to their Dodge Rams four wheel drives, and a bed full of Budweiser. (Damn... I do ramble don't I?)

Monday morning after we woke up from our drunken stupor, of thinkin, and drinkin, we found notes on this subject.

I know, hard to imagine one of my cousins could write! The unanimous verdict, verified by X's. There was one signed Henry/Henrietta, Bob/Bernadette, we're not sure whether this cousin is a boy/girl, seems to change, so we just go along with whatever.... that particular, day you know, after all cousins are cousins!

The question is. Are those Lobbyist any relation to us like cousins, removed?

We spent about a day and many cases of beer, trying to get all the BOOBS, sorry Bobs, to understand what a Lobbyist is!

Somebody summed it up best for us in words we could understand, ~!@#$%^&*()_+~!@#$%^&*()-sons-a-bitches!!!! Whoever it was got a beer can clinging ovation!

The most important point made was this. Them Lobbyist appear to be former Politicians. Once... every one.... understood.... this point... it be unanimous! "AIN'T NO FORMER POLITICIAN IN WASHINGTON, GONNA UNDERSTAND WE THE PEOPLE!!!" Oh!Oh!Oh!, And they most certainly ain't no kin to us! Goodnight

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