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Monday, December 10, 2012

Dawn Of A New Day

                         "If not for the dawn of another day, I shall forever perish"

Yesterday's gone. I close my eyes, mental, physical scars soon to dissipate! Imagine along with me please... a log drifts into sight, although highly visible, we cannot see it move, "the river of life."

To never dream, or perhaps never to awake within my dreams, to feel such raw emotions, vitamins for my heart, slowly would eat away, cancering, my soul. The replenishment of emotions drained daily, cannot be stopped. Less I totally ignore always look away. Are such ones cold, callous, perhaps purposely learned behaviour to live, another day!

Have you known ones without a heart? The proverbial heart of stone, so cold, so heavy, how could one bear such pain? Seems, once a broken heart, never... again. Yes! I must think this, so!

My heart is heavy today, I can't shake it away! I've tried to turn the cheek and look the other way!!! It's always in plain view, I fear to say! One so out of touch, of human ways. A follower of, their own. How can one live a half century, yet not visit other souls. One who visit weekly the house of Christ. I pity this one, with all my heart!

My finish today is simple. If not for the dawning of a new day, to resurrect one's mind, heart and soul, All would be like others who pretend........................................ life away!!!!!

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  1. Unfortunately Glen, I know more than one of those with a stone cold heart. One has to wonder what turned those hearts to stone and is there still hope that they can be softened? I suppose if there is still life, there is hope,but sometimes I wonder.

    This was a good "write". I love your humorous side, but it is nice to see your serious side also.