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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Hello my friends and I do mean that! If I say, IF y'all come back and visit here on GlenView, then I call you friends. You're most likely saying to yourself, "did that old fart write what I think he wrote?"
My answer is, "yep!" I never know beforehand what my old fingers gonna say. Right now I can't use one of my fingers, a silly accident at work. Ya see they got this old man doing maintenance on one of their important machines, "Do you believe that?" And they now how silly I be! Ain't that a hoot! That proves how silly they be!
Okay back to the finger, I had me finger where it shouldn't be, yes, yes, yes, I know better, but old people reflexes ain't as good as they once was. Anywhoo, how, whatever, it pulled most of my fingernail loose. It happened "faster than greased lightning." Hell I don't know what that means ceptin, I reckon lightning be pretty dag-gone fast, right? Now if you could grease the path of lightning would it be faster? Never mind just something I heard in my childhood from my daddy's side of the family.

Well it did feel like a hornet stung me right good, but not for long. It did bleed quite a bit. I kept right on a working never missed a lick. I had to rewrap it a few times cause it kept on a bleeding. I wrapped it over and over because that blood just kept a oozing. To shorten this story to nowhere. I have had paper cuts that hurt worse than pulling off my fingernail. Ya see here is what Doctor Glen thinks. I take blood pressure medicine and it thins the blood right? Even though my finger bleeds what appeared to be quite a bit, that there blood slowly oozing out, kept from getting infected. My finger never swelled a tad ain't that swell?

Let's see if I can change the subject. I'm still working on my Crime And Punishment summary. Let me just say, "that be, sum book, and sum of them characters, may be sillier than me." Take sum of them characters and they sum up most of the book. So if I remember me schoolin days. The sum = the sum of all and that has to = sumthing.

Don't you out here in blogdom find it a mite funny, no not me. Although one of Fyodor Dostoesky's books was titled The Idiot. Maybe I could write my own version today and call it The Idiot, and be the main character, because y'all already know I'm a character, a real character in my own reality. Ain't that scary?

I been a rambling so much and am not sure if I was trying to make a point or not! Maybe I'll go back and review to see if I missed sumthing.

You know I just been thinking, ah, oh! I know! "Well now if I have read and summarized part one, of seven, and the crime has been committed. What in the hell is in the other six parts + the epilogue? Well common sense tells ya, well not all have common sense. Well that sentence I just wrote don't make sense! If most of the people in the world are commoners so to speak as in working, paying taxes, raising children, just trying to survive. Not bankers, lawyers, politicians, lobbyist, in the software business, kings, queens, presidents of companies, you get the picture then we should have common sense. I'm confused and am not going to reread what I just wrote.

Okay in summary we have a book called The Idiot, or Dostoevsky's first book called Poor Folk, then we expect the titles to be reminiscent of sum of the book, SO WE HAVE SEEN THE CRIME PART. Then surely to God the rest of the book be a talkin about Purgatory, as in Punishment, I CERTAINLY HOPE SO!

PURGE, means to cleanse of sin.
PURGATIVE, means cathartic.
PURGATORY, means, a place after death, in some doctrine, for expiating sins by suffering.

Damn I do ramble on don't I? SO WE HAVE 450 PAGES TO SEE SUFFERING, AND MANY OTHER TWISTS, TURNS, PLUS SOME GOOD STUFF.   Goodnight my friends


  1. Oh geesh, I just wrote a blog about man blood, then I come here and what have you done?? This must be the month for accidents. I got this bad feeling here........hmmm, maybe I will write about that on the next blog. Now let me finish reading the rest of your post. I only got as far as the blood !!!

  2. I just finished reading so here are the rest of my comments.

    Honey you may be a character, a rather lovable and humorous one at that, even a bit on the silly side, which only serves to endear me to you even more. But one thing you are not and that is an Idiot. You are far from one.

    Hmmm, I mentioned common sense in my blog too. I TOLD you that you are one of those people inside my head !! I wonder if you are just my imaginary friend??? Hmmm, it kind of gives me another idea for a book, but we both know I will never write those books so what good are the ideas?

    Anyhoo, I love your thoughts on C and P. I am in the middle of a book right now, but I am really thinking of reading C and P again as you have put a spark in me.

    Goodnight my dear friend.

    PS: I bet you keep your dear wife laughing all the time :-))