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Sunday, January 6, 2013


I have always, have held that phrase close, "tears of a clown!"
Clown and tears, if that's not an oxymoron, I don't know what is!

When we think of a clown, we think laughter. The clown has a frowning face, we smile. It's the job of a clown to make us, do so. Clowns outside the biggest show on earth, are a plenty. Their there, to get you into the proper frame of mind for the big show.

The first clown that always comes to mind, is Red Skeleton. I grew up, watching his television show. I have not, one iota of doubt, that I could screen the same shows now, that I did as a child, and laugh once more.

I love Abbott and Costello, Laurel and Hardy, The Little Rascals. In one of my hospital stay-overs, I caught the original Little Rascals shorts, made in the mid 1920's, that's right! Silent shorts, they were hilarious!!! "How funny were they?" There was a marathon of 12 hours, all the workers at the hospital from the bed makers, the blood takers, the chief nurse, the oxygen man, to the Doctors gaze up at the television and ask "what are you watching?" Every one of them took the time to look at them, saying, "I've not seen them before, you mean those were shot way back then? All chuckled!!! Is that not amazing!

I began this exercise with the phrase "Tears of a clown." We read and hear phrases so much, we most likely don't consider where they come from. They cross our mind so fast, they fall into all the jibber-jabber-ish, one takes in, in the course of a day.

Worst still, with all the texting, taking place, I'm talking just these handheld texting entities, that have become the umbilical chords of today! Sorry I'm a straying!

Well I for one happen to like them old phrases!

I used to be a movie nut! Then one day after watching, a million bad guys, killed, 16 trillion gun shots, stabbings, heads chopped OFF... I was awakened!!!

Must of been, "it was the last bullet, placed on the camels back!" You know that phrase "the last straw" as "the last straw added to the camel's back, that broke the camel's back!!!?

I watch few movies today. Occasionally one will peak my interest. I have a coworker who brings me, movies to watch. Most recently was  Underworld. How many fucking vampire movies do we need to fucking make???? How many fucking gunshots need to go off in a movie to satisfy the appetite for death, blood gore, gore, gore.....

How many fucking videos of death, destruction played over and over and over again in the videos of our children, where you reset, to re shoot forever and ever! "It's just a game you hear!"

DAMN! DAMN ! DAMN! I SOMEHOW GOT SIDE RAILED FROM THE TITLE OF THIS POST! FUNNY THING, BUT I'VE LEARNED TO ABSOLUTELY LOOVE THIS! One starts typing "and before you know it comes the time to say goodbye!" Sorry I believe that was a moment of dejavu, from me to you! The old Mickey Mouse Club ending, I THINK!!!

In my heart lies a clown! That clown slowly dissipates! MORE SO now, than ever we need clowns. Not the type a clowns we see in the Political Arena! Those clowns leadeth the world into a burning ring of fire! Quite a bit more than three rings in this greatest show on earth! The mass media owned by the ones that bring us the modern version of the greatest show on earth! I know I'm a rambling... a searching... I'm growing weary, like y'all out there! I'm tired of the canned laughter from our televisions and our governments...!!!

Where do we turn to?

If you find comfort in religion, may God help you!

If you find comfort in Politics, the other party... other than who's in office. I feel sorry for you!





  1. Great post Glen.

    I don't watch movies much anymore. Not the new ones where all there is, is blood and guts and swearing and sex. Now back in the day when I was a child, they had the old westerns, and of course there was some shooting in those, but they didn't show the gore and guts like today's movies. And sometimes sex was implied, but it was always subtle, left to the imagination. I'm not a prude by any means, but I don't really care to watch people writhing around naked in bed or worse hahaha ! And it is no wonder our young people can't string together a coherent sentence. Why should they when they can type two letters and get a message to their friend?

    Times have changed, not for the better. Some would argue with me on that, but I stand my ground here. The good old days are gone, never to return.

    I don't find comfort in "religion". Religion is man-made. I do however find comfort in my faith that there is a Creator out there and He knows the end of this story. You know I don't preach, but neither will I deny my belief in God.

    I will however agree with your words about politics. Those who find comfort in the politicians and the political solutions to the worlds problems will forever be enslaved by them.

    I have learned, especially over the last three years that my world begins right here at home, with my family and that is where I find the most enjoyment, and where my focus is. I do my best to make their world a pleasant place and after that I reach out to others.

    Yes, we all share those tears my friend. But let's try to dry the tears of those we are able to touch. Even here, in this online world, others have touched my heart and made me smile. You are one of those people, and I thank you for that.

    Have a pleasant week dear Professor.