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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Spell Check

Wasn't that a silly little piece of insanity yesterday? "Yep!" "Sure nuff!" As a couple voices in my head speak out!

Back by unpopular demand here's JOE, as in Joe Pesky.
"Okay! okay! okay! What the &%#k was you going for in that last post, Glenny Boy, you lame brain idiot! You made all of us, includind yourself look stupid. I had a delicate kind of conversation with Mrs. Spell Check. You know what, there off line baby, yep the big Kahuna General Proper cannot locate them. He personally hacked into your Hewie Packardo modem. He can't find a trace seems they have flew through the wire into oblivion. The only info on them is this fuzzy incoherent Spell Check secret coded alert e-mail. It sometimes makes sense then it goes haywire into what General Proper thought was some new fangled code he wasn't briefed on."

Spellina Check says, "Alert! Alert! Alert! Danger! Danger! Danger! Warning! Warning! Warning! Help! Help! Help! Those words are priority one, followed with, is anybody fucking there? Need assistance immediately. Pa Check is fucking freaking out, repeat, Pa Check is fucked up! We're in danger of total collapse here on GlenView.
Followed soon after by another e-mail. As you well know he has been under a lot of pressure on this assignment, even though I have been helping him with this Glen fellow. Pa was feeling a tad better because as Pa called him, "this nin-ca-poop is working on Crime And Punishment." Pa felt as though he could take a break put his letters up and breath easy for awhile. Pa thought if Glen read and reviewed the whole book, he could be on easy street you see. Well I was in sleep mode and Pa was working the graveyard shift. When all of a sudden Glen hits spell check. Half of the words or more were flashing incorrect. Apparently Pa was snoozing and the shock nearly done him in. He was spell shocked. I woke up and found him at the console overheating. I threw some correcto cool down on him. He was staring at the board frozen between words. I lay him down and took control of the console. No response, this man has totally screwed the operating system and almost spontaneously combusted Pa! S.O.S. (save our spell check)"

General Proper acted properly of course following proper procedures following the manual, sending in the S. W. A. T. Special Words Ah-oh Team, they move at the speed of light recovering Pa and Spellina Check. At last report Mr. Check was checked into The Dictionary Hospital at Cambridge University. He's in recovery resting uncomfortably in the largest dictionarary in the world. Spellina has retired living sea side somewhere state side, possibly Seattle.

A new replacement has been sent, a real greenhorn, fresh out of The University of Spell Check Are Us. Nobody in the world wide world of working Checkee's as they call themselves would take this assignment.

The last known coherent words of Mr. Spell Check were unintelligible but some believe he was trying to communicate these few words, Th, th, th, that's #$%&ing all folks!!!! AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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  1. You make me smile !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Whatever am I going to do if you ever quit blogging?? I don't even want to think about that.

    By the way, I loved the last post. :-))