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Friday, January 28, 2011


          I have to ask a question. What is the damn deal with white males wearing shorts when it is winter in Indiana? My ying-yang gets cold just looking at them silly rednecks! (Well I sure as hell can't call them smart if they ain't got enough sense to put on long pants.) Is it a macho thing, mind over dum-ass or what? They will have an Alaskan sub-zero coat and hood on but bare legs on the bottom. (Yikes, makes me shiver just thinking about it.) Apparently in my old and decrepit days I do not get it.
          Since I am talking shorts I want to talk about pants sooo looow they cannot walk properly and their damn underwear is showing. The only thing I can figure is they must pay 20 $ for a pair of pants that don't fit proper because they must of paid 40 $ for some fancy name brand underwear and they are so proud of them that have to show the world. Is that what them "Pea-cock" individuals are a doing? Do they think showing their fancy-pantsy 40 $ "Manhood Bloomers" is going to turn on the females.
          I took my dog to the Vet the other day and a young man came outside and stepped off the porch, he had to take both hands to grab his britches before he mooned me. Now I understand the young look at me rebellious crap. But britches so low you must show your favorite underwear! So low you must use one hand to hold your britches up! I reckon belt sales are way down. (HA, HA, HA THAT'S FUNNY)
          Well maybe them rednecks that wear shorts in the cold Indiana winter and them ones that wear the pretty underwear are related. Seems highly probable, now that I have pondered the situation. The offspring of them short wearing ones most likely are them young pretty underwear loving ones.
          I could ramble on and on about britches but I have one last comment, I think!
          Use to work with a 40 year old man. He he wore his underwear showing. Now there is nothing worse than a man of his age imitating youthful individualism. A man his age should know better!!!

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