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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Med time is fun time for me. "Why,"  thank you for asking. "Nobody said a damn word, did anyone upstairs say anything" says Joe Pesky. You must be hallucinating, because folks upstairs have been quiet" adds Joe.

Internet still out A T &T tech came out, nothing wrong on my side of the equation. My brain is still short  circuited. Yep, everything pretty much normal here at Glen View Sanitarium. Everyone has problems and I have been voted the craziest inmate for the 59th straight year. It just so happens I am the Psychiatrist and sole proprietor here at Glen View. I am aware that I am a few eggs short of a dozen, perhaps 3 let's say. I am sure others might disagree but it's my blog. Please don't ask my better half she is prone to overstate my retardation, insanity, mental illness, sheesh I forget the proper word they use today. Oh yeah, "challenged." Dictionary says; disabled or handicapped. Disabled; having a physical or mental disability. Handicapped; physically disabled.

Let's see how I fit into this challenged disabled thing-a-ma-bob. I am legally deaf at certain tones. I have a mental disorder "manic depression." I have a body that is breaking down. Hells fire I ought to be on disability. Man, oh man know that I have made an evaluation of myself I'm really in trouble. Huuuuuuuum, I need a sec to think this over, okay I'm done.

If I'm in trouble, then there is absolutely no hope for some of the ones I work with. They have more problemos up top than I do. I kiddingly talk about my inner voices. (Please, don't tell me you do not have inner voices.) I work with one character who cannot follow simple directions, so he drives a truck. (Tell me that does not deserve a chuckle or two.)

Question, at what point does I. Q. make you challenged, because I am damn sure I know several that fit into that category. If you have one eye are you handicapped or challenged. My grandfather lost one eye yet he still did everything he wanted to do. At age 62 he went to school to learn to read. He never considered himself handicapped. I betcha today he would be considered handicapped or disabled. Oh sorry that was a different era, he never let something like the depression stand in his way.

I have been hard of hearing all my life (nerve damage) I cannot pass the test needed to to drive a truck, yet I have driven a truck for mucho years, am I handicapped. (HELL NO I HAVE NEVER CONSIDERED MYSELF HANDICAPPED.) I grew up with some unusual individual. One of our neighbors was deaf and dum. Yet he was the best small motor repairman around. I see truly handicapped individuals who have overcome extreme obstacles.

Society feels the need to label individuals and gives too many handouts. We as taxpayers give them free rides am sick of it.

It appears to me those who work are always facing an uphill battle of survival to raise our children pay our taxes take care of the challenged. Shit! Iam tired of "IT."


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