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Sunday, January 16, 2011


Seems as I age, the more I try not to feel, the more I do feel. I can't overlook the lack of guidance and irresponsibility in today's world of all about "Me."
It appears morality and family values have deteriorate faster than computers become obsolete. The fault lies not in the new generation. It lies in the lack of values taught by the generation before. In order to acquire values such as morality, love, compassion etc. you must see it in action. Having two parents living in the same house is the exception rather than the norm today. I even question that our society is more concerned more about me, me, me and does not take the time to think of what is right for the children. I remember reading an enlightening sentence once "It takes a whole village to raise a child." Please consider that amazingly simple sentence..........
Man oh man they ain't-a talking about my village! Where momma has 5 kids by 5 different men each one an alcoholic she met at 'The Wagon Wheel Bar." She don-na even know if sex was good, she was passed out.
"Okay, okay, okay" (there is that pesky Joe Pesky, for those of you who may not know my writing I have many inner voices that live inside my cranium that pop out at times. I apologize for them but sometimes it is a might funny.) "Okay, okay, okay now get on with the damn story."
I probably went too far one way so let's go the other direction. Mom and Dad are professional people who met at college and their I.Q. is higher than normal. As their careers are just getting off the ground, they have two kids. As they advance up the corporate ladder they must be away from home quite a bit. They make more money have more stress and see less of their children. The once somewhat family togetherness disappears. They hire a nanny from Yugoslavia who speaks no English and cooks the strangest food that John and Mary won't eat, so they have Pizza or burgers and fries every night. They grow obese with childhood diabetes and develope all kind of phobias and disorders.    
So they spend all their free time hanging out, texting playing kill mom and dad games. Wow good family values, love, closeness of the wrong kind. They cry out for love but there is no one there to hear them.
We throw knives into their hearts. It's the me, me, me world. No values are learned if none are given.
They should be experiencing love instead of yearning for it. You know exactly what I am saying. It starts with each and every one of our households. You say "not in my home." Oh really! Do you have dinner and listen to your children or do you complain about your day? I don't think it is all about you, you, you. Family time is about them, them, them.
We wish for our children to have more than what we have. Material objects are not what they need. 'They need guidance, they need life values and it is our job to teach them.
 My heart aches for the children, the neglected searching to find direction. At age 18 they are 10 years old in life skills. It is a fast paced all about me world. Without guidance the children must learn to grow into adulthood and lead the next generation. How can they teach what they don't know?
I see very young adults with a childlike mindset and they have a child. Everyone ooh! and aahs! Look at the beautiful baby. But as the baby grows into the terrible two's and to the rebellious teenager it's the lack of love, guidance and life tools they must have to grow mentally. Hell it's easy to grow physically! Fertilizing the mind is the most important and least done.
Don't get me wrong. I see good young adults with good values. But they are the exception rather than the norm. We need more true adults raising children.
Where I personally am the most disillusioned is witnessing members of society not teaching and not caring not taking that extra time. So they say it's the parents responsibility "Amen Brother." However one tiny act of guidance might push a kid in the right direction. We as a village aren't even trying.
Kids growing up need role models (not athletes), sheesh makes my skin crawl! Daddy idolizes a multi-million dollar a year womanizing pro athlete therefore his son does.
My last point, I have worked my whole life in an industrial environment with many years in a supervisory capacity. SUPERVISOR; to oversee direct, teach workers. I see many ones new to the workforce today. It is Joey's first job mommie and daddie have spoiled him rotten. He has never mowed the lawn has never taken out the garbage. You know what I'm saying. His butt is still wiped by his momma. So Uncle Louie gets him a job in a factory. This young man who thinks work is watching his dad mow grass in 90 degree weather while he works his thumbs playing video games.


  1. Glen - A sad but true commentary on our society, glad to see you are posting again ;-)

  2. I agree with Avops and everything you have written is just the God's honest truth Glen. And we see it now in the breakdown of society. As the family goes, so goes the country and we are up sh** creek. How to change directions? It starts at home, with the family and spread on out, but I fear it is almost too late...........sadly.

    I am SO glad I decided to go back into your old posts from before I first started reading your blog. I've said it before, will say it again...... You are one WISE man and don't you ever doubt it.