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Sunday, January 23, 2011


On the last episode back in October Lilly Claire was showing to everyone that Bill Lee was her man. After Bill Lee’s wonderfully amazing way with animals, he walked right up to a terribly frightened horse that had gotten himself in a life threatening mess and saved its life.  Bill Lee’s natural gift around all animals seems to of brought out some animal instincts of Lilly’s. She sealed their bond by giving him a kiss that curled his toes and made her father and Bill Lee’s father understand, emphasizing this is her man.
                Bill Lee and Lilly Claire are one and the same, true animal lovers. Lilly Claire wants to be a Veterinarian just like her father. She has helped in her father’s office her whole life and there was no place she would rather be. Well until now, now it is with Bill Lee. Where Bill Lee was born with a special gift around animals, Lilly Claire must work to gain the animals confidence. She has patience and that serves her nicely for her chosen profession.
                Bill Lee and Lilly Claire spend all their free time either at the Vet’s office or at the farm. Both of their parents are ecstatic with the young couple and feel as though they were made for each other.
                Before long they are seniors and it will soon be time for Lilly Claire to go off to college. As the time grows close they talk of missing each other and the dread of being separated. Talk of marriage enters the conversation but both agree they must wait until after her graduation. Lilly reassures Bill Lee that since her college is only an hour drive away they can see each other regularly and she will come home every weekend. It didn’t seem to make leaving any easier for either of them but they are adults now and know it is best for their future.
                It doesn’t take long for word to get around the College. Lilly Claire tells everyone about Bill Lee’s unique abilities with all animals. The Professors are astounded and ask to meet him. The Hill’s farm is known state wide and Bill Lee is a many times State Fair champion. So it is set, Lilly Claire is bringing Bill Lee to show and tell at the College level; she is tickled to death. Little did she know that this would prove to be an excellent move on her part for both her and Bill Lee.
                Lilly Claire was extremely proud of Bill Lee and his special gift with animals. The Professors at College want Bill Lee to give a demonstration and some advice to their students. Lilly Claire has given them a tape of Bill Lee in action with some of the frightened animals that come into her father’s office. The Farm Country Gazette has written many articles about Bill Lee and he was probably their most loved stories.
                Bill Lee did not take long to garner respect at the Veterinarian School. There were several small animals, dogs and cats which did not showcase his true abilities. So all students and instructors head to the barn where animals of all sizes shapes and kind await. There was this one ornery old Jack Ass called Jack. Jack has been around a long time and has always presented adventurous and difficult times for students. Several of the existing students have felt the wrath of Jack; bruises and bite marks show his mean side. Jack does not appear to like people; he senses their inexperience and uncertainty and gets the best of them. He, simply put, is smarter than the students and likes to aggravate. After biting or kicking them, he throws his head up high and gives a donkey laugh. (Can’t you just see this picture in your mind? I can and chuckle as I write this.) 
                Jack and Bill Lee finally meet. It seems as though the instructors at the college envisioned the best for last. The students are standing on the other side of the show ring as a handler leads Jack the mean donkey out. Jack or “JACK-ASS-U-LOUS” as the students prefer to call him. Jack and Bill Lee eyes lock, they are sizing one another up. Students are giggling because they know and are betting on Jack. Well this is their first encounter with Bill Lee and did they get the fooling of their young lives. Lilly Claire was bursting with pride as Bill Lee had Jack-ass-u-lous doing tricks and obeying his every command. Bill Lee picked up every leg, stood right behind Jack. If any of them were to walk behind him they were sure to get a kick. Bill Lee picked up his tail, nothing. Bill Lee removed Jack’s halter and the old Donkey followed Bill Lee around and playfully rubbed his head up against Bill Lee’s head. No ornery-ness of any kind was shown. Instead of giggles the student were oohing and aahing at the sight before them.
                The Professors and staff was so impressed at what Bill Lee showed them today they ask him to please come to work for them at the university to help train the students. He wasn’t looking for a job but after he discussed the situation over with Lilly Claire and realized they could live at home and drive every day and be together more it was sealed with well, more than a kiss. So Bill Lee a pig farmer was employed at the university as a special advisor in animal behavior and techniques. Lilly Claire takes him to school for show and tell and well! They definitely have something to tell their future grandkids.          

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