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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


          Writing and computers is very new to my world. I'm six months into my new adventure with both. At the old age of 59 I 'm finding it exciting and challenging and hopefully rewarding. Something to occupy my free time and be fun while stimulating my mind. I have always possessed an active  imagination. I search for a new hobby because after 43 years of labor my body rebels, I can no longer able to do the labors of love I once enjoyed. I know turn to my brain. "Oh shit" comments Suzy Smart Assy (one of my inner voices.)
          Now seems to be a good time to reflect who I am. I wished for you to form an opinion with the stories I have written so far. I try to write humorous heartwarming stories but if you see me digressing please do not worry as I want to show you the good, the bad and the ugly inside my mind. My mind goes all over the map as you have probably noticed. I am late in posting this article because of Internet difficulties. I wanted this article to be my second post of the new year but sheesh the year is still young. Not everything goes as planned does it? I am going to tell you a secret. "Oh yeah the dirt" blurts out Evil Ed (please keep in mind I have an unlimited cast of zany characters that pop up occasionally, the more minds the merrier here in GLEN VIEW.)
          In my 40's I was diagnosed by the Psychiatric professionals as M. D. no, not "Mad Dumass." The highly trained "mind benders" I mean professionals call it Manic Depression. Or also known as Bi-polar Disorder. "Hell yes everyone today is loaded with them there disorders unlike with Freud or is it Fraud, anyway it was always about sex with him wasn't it." (That there would be Freud's unheralded cousin in the Psychiatric community Doc. Fred R. Focker.) I was real careful not to let all my other disorders show at that time I wanted to release them slowly as I age, you see that is where you the readers of my blog come in.
          I'll give you my take on this shit! I grew up with a wonderful mother and let's just say my father had a lot of them there damn disorders before they called them disorders. I was a sensitive child who felt love from my mother and stress from my dad. I have come to the conclusion that this type of childhood upbringing expounded on my uniqueness to think good and bad thoughts simultaneously. (Wow! being around them Therapist and Psychiatrist might be paying dividends.) It's like what my grandmother told me when I was very young. "We have an Angel on one shoulder and a Devil on the other." (I had to learn on my own about all the voices inside my brain.)
          My wish is to show both sides and everywhere in between. If I think it, I am-ma going to write it. If you read a post unlike what I have written so far don't think poor old Glen has went off the deep edge, yikes I have teetered on the precipice my whole life. So sit back and enjoy the ride as I go places I ain't been before. One final thought It is the enjoyment of reading and my imagination that has saved me from more of them damn "DISORDERS." SO ENJOY THE ROLLER COASTER RIDE THAT IS MY BRAIN. Your good buddy Glen at the GLEN VIEW SANITARIUM, where our motto is "Once we get em we keep em."

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