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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

At peace ... but still thinkin'

I'm about as relaxed as I can be. Content, at peace. What's the matter with me? Is it curable? Hope not! I wish to get back in this world of writing. I have been having some amazing dreams. One is like a novel slowly developing. Not the same dream, but chapters coming to me. I will forget the last one on this subject, then my latest continual dream will jar the other ones from as much as two years ago. The feelings that overtake me with these dreams are unlike the emotions in my real life. All senses, every hair on my head, every cell in my body explodes. The levels of love, hate, happiness sadness, internal doubts I've carried a lifetime, the, thought I've held as theories, my thoughts on empowerment, is breathtaking!!!

I have thought recently, well like maybe a year or so. What if we die while in dream state, and we continue the dream in death. We enter another place where our energy source continues. Not as heaven but continue in the world we're dreaming about.

I for one would like that! I can not believe there is nothing, "that's all folks!" I stay away from all the educated doctrines, this is my thought, my thinking, mine, you see.

I do not believe the missionaries around the globe, are doing the right thing. Let the people believe in their ancestors, their history. Why do we force the savages to be like us. Why? I don't see that all through history, the most popular, doctrines have done a lot of good to the spreading of what is referred to as the ten commandments. Every day and since the very beginning, the great powers of the mighty be it, any doctrines, are for control. Just as Kings, tried to keep his peasants in control, by fear or force or many other domineering psychological means.

Move forward in time, a new place thousands of miles away, new land, a new nation is built. Money is found for a new start. The natives already here are curious of the new intruders. What do they bring? History tells us the slaughter of the people and their ways. There savages . . . who says? Not me!

World powers fight over the new territory, once more we all know that from history. Ah, how do we know that history the way it's reported is correct. I once believed that every thing taught to me by the knowledgeable ones was the way it is, and was.

Generation to generation, stories, believed to be truths are told, passed down. Does no one question, few do.

Enter the latest erupting volcano of control, ah, the modern form of politicians in this new utopia. After much fighting, death, destruction, which most assuredly incudes the savages that were here, a new nation is built. Seems that's always how it works, New kingdoms to command, ones of money spread their cheer, their ways of worship, thinking, and so on and so forth.

This will be a democracy, where any and all things are allowed. Monumental, cathedral structures are built. Look at us!

Every country, every man wants part of this. Why not? "Land of the free, home of the brave." The old west mentality. Everybody is thriving, the promised land. Railroads cross the country.

A civil war, in the promised land, hundreds of thousands of men are killed. Does the history books tell the story properly? Who knows! In a few hundred years, this new civilization of money and worship has killed off the rightful people of the land, killed off hundreds of thousands of their own brethren. Why? In the name of ????  Millions of buffalo killed. Indians forced to reservations.

The civil war had to be about much more than slavery. Who decided to bring the slaves from Africa. They did not cover that in my school. It was as though they were always there to me.

Such atrocities I have talked about!


  1. And you know Glen, nothing has really changed to this day. The power hungry continue to try to take control of other people and cultures and our very own government is one of the worst offenders.

    Great write by the way !

  2. I'm ashamed of what we have become. As I look back through history, it appears to of always been that way. Man has not changed, just look at the bible. Thanks C.