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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Newspapers and my thoughts

Does your newspaper keep getting smaller? Hell it is not just the diameter, but also the pages. I know it is a dying still unsuccessfully link to the past. I use to work for a family owned newspaper started in 1872, can you believe that? That's just a few years after the civil war. Think about that, the same family generation after generation, built something they could take pride in. Compare that to today. The take what I can get for me.

The news was what the newspaper was all about, was it good or bad, both actually. I'm sure the newspaper persuaded people with their opinions, but also caused people to think about those opinions.

Local stories gave the hometown folk stories, they would never know as well as news of the nation and around the globe. Once upon a time they were extremely important, shame how in just maybe 20 or thirty years, the death of the newspaper is upon us. Every city once printed their own newspaper, most of those are sadly gone, every hometown newspaper of any size at all is fighting for its existence. Circulation has dropped significantly all across the nation.

Times forever changing, yes they are! that's called progress, progress is ever evolving, that's good right? Today's young will gradually grow old, seeing significant changes, across the board in every factor of their lives. They'll look back just as we older ones are doing now.

I was born after WW II and am amazed at what I have witnessed in my short existence. Often I have wondered about what my grandparents witnessed being born in 1900. One thing that stays the same is the greed and corruption of man. Such a shame!

I sit here watching the morning news and could cry at what I see, such a shame! A crying shame!

I blame Lawyers and most elected officials in Washington as they are also lawyers, well it seems like it to me. I was asked who are you going to vote for? We have a billionaire with the mouth of a championship wrestler, another a member of a political family with two presidents, an establishment man and governor, a young one who talks too fast for me, another one who when I see him reminds me of Nixon, who definitely always left a bad taste in mouth. So who is left? A Doctor, that in itself is very interesting I must say. A soft spoken highly intelligent neurosurgeon. Around Christmas my nephew was home from the Air Force, we're having a pretty intense discussion which I thoroughly enjoyed. He is 22 years old, with different beliefs in a lot of things, rightly so being born in modern times. I find him intelligent with hope for tomorrow if many are like him. We both like Dr. Ben Carson which I found amazing especially when there was over 15 candidates on the Republican side.

I'm reminiscing, not about the good old days, just a thinkin' out loud. I believe the smarter  technology gets the dumber we become! Is it just me? I pity some of the fools anymore! ( That's my Mr. T. impersonation! ) I find myself watching more television than I should simply out of boredom. Movies are simply made to entertain us, I think, I know not why some are made. Some, let me be perfectly clear on this, I say "some are pure trash!" Are what there making reminiscent of society or is society reminiscent of the movies?

Sadly what little I venture out into the real world here in the heart of the Midwest, what I see does not change this old farts mind.

I'm rambling I know, that's the only way I know, for I don't have anything specific to write about only what comes through my mind. I wish I was better educated and knew more but I am what I am.

I wish I could block out the world long enough to write something important, for what I witness seems just as mediocre as my little sliver of the pie. As a nation we're going backwards in so many ways, at the same time leaping light years ahead. There are so many thoughts that cross my mind in the course of the day, its like a flash of thunder that leaves just as fast as the strike. I'm simply one and one cannot hold back time until we're ready. Damn it I struggle putting my thoughts down, oh well thoughts cannot hurt us and simply makes us human. At least I still have some, goodnight my friends!


  1. There is no hometown newspaper here in a town of over forty thousand. The only paper we have covers the whole county and it is not a very thick newspaper at all anymore.

  2. Oh by the way, I happen to enjoy your rambles and I don't wish you were more educated. You are wise and full of common sense and that is worth far more than any education.