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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Didabled (you read right)

Friday, thank God it's Friday! These weeks seem to be getting longer and longer. Sorry just funning you. I'm didabled, mentally and physically now. Sometimes I quack myself up.  I like that word didabled, kind a sums up what I be a talkin' 'bout. I have had a mental problem for a long time, I won't use them disorders, seems they have letters and disorders for everything. I  use the language that I've honed, working 40 years in factories, I be -ucked up! There be so many didorders I think everybody is out of order. I don't venture too many places any more, don't wanna. Hate going to the doctor, hate going to the store. Here I usta think I had more didorders than other people. I be a tellin' you, ain't so! I'm the one who's hard of hearing. I think sometimes others are speaking a foreign language. Can you imagine two people both with didorders tryin' to communicate. Think about that for a second, tell me that ain't funny. Man! I be a gettin' more red underlining than ever on this here post. I don't care, I'm having fun, as a matter of fact I'm going to leave in every word I screw up. ( You thought I was going to say -uck up didn't you? ) You see I believe they keep coming up with didorders so they can come up with a new pill to sell to treat the didorders, or -uck 'em up, even more. Years ago when their was looney-tune places like state sanitariums, families could just lock the off kilter ones up. Well now the politicians be a wasting so much money on whatever, they let them out, yes they did! So all these drugs are created to fix them ya see, sur-nuff! They get legally prescribed, quality, big Pharmaceutical designer stuff, um-huh! These custom drugs have side effects that are probably worse than the disorder their being treated for. So these ones that are out of order take drugs and who be a payin' for them, Um-huh, we do, put them on disability,

My point, if there was one is, we all could use drugs to get through the day, sometimes life becomes unbearable. Life can screw you up even more than all them damn disorders. Shoot we all can use some miracle, magical elixirs like the traveling medicine man of the old west. Just get drunk every night, pass out forgetting your troubles. wake up with a hangover, take a handful of aspirins and go at it another day, or smoke some marijuana, or do both. The prescription drugs are a killin' us. There's so many wonder drugs advertised on television, how can anyone have a problem, mentally or physically. Ya see they prescribe you something that creates another problem, then there's lawsuits and the lawyers get involved.

Legalize all the illegal black market drugs. Cut out the middle man. That would sure stop all the killing in the drug cartels. Look at all the cocaine, from the south of America, poppy from Afghanistan, that's what the farmers raise over there. Hell with the amount of money spent over there on wars we should recoup our losses. Marijuana sheesh, should be a recreational drug, taxed just like alcohol. I use to hang around people who smoke it, they were good old boys, mellow and fat.

Better still we the USA should take over Mexico. Instead of building factories down there, we should take over the drug cartels with out military, tax the drugs, get rid of all the suppliers selling it now. Maybe we could reduce the national debt. Hey since I be doing a heap of thinkin' after taking my legally prescribed drugs! I take drugs for everything, keeps this old fucker a going.

You know if we're going to spend money for wars like Iraq and not get a dime from all the oil they have, yeah! We spend trillions of dollars and don't get one thing from it. We must find ways to make a profit got to keep America a float. Money don't grow on trees you know. May as well take over Canada whilst we're at it they have that oil rich tar sand up there.


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