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Friday, January 29, 2016

The Spirit Hit Me, or I Could Cry!

My imagination does not seem what it once was. Perhaps, if I try writing more, it will return. I use to get off work in the early am hours, and be chomping at the bit to get home and peck away, like a newborn chick, searching for something to fill me. It was pleasure beyond the first slice of a pizza straight out of the oven. Ya see I gotta be me, I gotta be me. When I was in the working, normal, whatever the fuck it was, I always had something to stick to me mind, a word, a phrase, a look, could set my imagination, imagining, whoo-wee, it were fun. I miss the different thoughts that crossed my mind. Since my little bout with not being here, I'm the same but, different. My mind and emotions have gone from, feeling like I could change the world. I had a lifetime of experience under my belt, and let my inner emotions override good sense. All my emotions were on my sleeve, it hurt nobody but me.

I have become hooked on documentaries, any show where I might learn something. I don't believe everything I view, certainly not. Every one has to put their spin on the subject. I've viewed a few episodes of a show called Globe Trekker, I think that's the title, I hope so, if not it will make me look stupidier, than I already am. ( I like that word stupidier, it fits me, and a lot of people. ) It takes you to places the average person will never see, you know the world is full of people we'll never meet, I like visiting, if only for a few minutes. The world, is so different, duh!

The world becoming as one, will change one day. The races will be mixed to the point there is no separation. It seems to be happening fast in my lifetime. Is that good or bad? Seems like that would solve a lot of the problems we face. There will be no barriers, if everybody is like one, a complete mixture of all that would solve much of our current situation, would it not? We would hope, but there's about as much chance as a snowball in hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here in the U.S. of A. we are the world. The world has come here for a long time, searching for a better life, and that is U. S. of A. okay. Ingenious people, hard working, merely wanting a chance. Freedom of worship, prosperity, becoming a world leader. Where simple folk wanting to make a life better for their future families.

The trouble is, we cannot take care of the world. The price has been paid and it is breaking the back of a once great nation. The world wants us for what we can do for them. Add to that the Elitist Royalty tearing us apart, Monopoly, and Chess all rolled into one.

I never understood in my early years when movies and newspapers made references to places like, Chinatown, in say Los Angeles. I'm a boy from the Midwest. So the big cities of the U. S. of A. have so many different cultures. That was a hard thing to fathom. I heard some experty person  ( That be my mind and I like experty! ) Saying it takes a generation or two to merge into the American way.   ( I don't think Mr. Experty is an expert! )

The problems, We The U. S. of  A. are no more apparent than today, they ainna merging. They want their cultures, their beliefs, and the hell with others.

Wars will always be, because all the cultures know their right. Religion is killing, yep sad ain't it! Human rights so different, in the world and we're to become one, only in your dreams!

I have learned more history in the last year than my previous, well over sixty years. The history I'm learning about is sad, disheartening actually! Countries flexing their muscle through naval, and military superiority, killing off the poor cultures who did not have a chance. I'm saddened as I am attempting to read the Bible, the wars, the killing, saddens my soul.

I'm veering off the highway into the land of Glen, please hang with me as my automatic writing, ghost writer, spirit writing, has been turned lose!

There's nobody to stop the bloodletting we find the world in. It will become worse, that's for sure! As they world tries to become one, the Royalty of the planet stands back and watches. They want this. Civil wars everywhere, race wars, religious wars, wars over everything.



  1. Hey Timster glad to see you. I try to write humor but humor doesn't come!