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Monday, January 4, 2016


Once, I felt the music, echo in my heart.

Laughter came easy, I was merely a child.

Love was unconditional, nary a heartbreak.

Family blankets me with warmth, when needed.

Growing up, shackles me.

At first, thread like, I break free.

Childish imagination, purity of heart, I wish not to lose.

Time for learning, must grow the mind.

Release the knowledge from the damn, more, more, more.

Knowledge is power, understanding.

Growing pains, easy for the body, not the heart.

Growing into adulthood, impossible without scars.

Ones held captive away from the world also strain, too much coddling.

Answers aren't easy.

Finding our own path, is perilous.

Knowledge gained over a lifetime, yields little fruit in our most developing years.

What you thought you knew, is not worth a single candle.

The later stages of life confirms a most unfortunate theory.

The battle never ends, never will.

Is the world better for giving me life?

Shall I have another go round?

No thank you, once is enough, as I wait for my last sunset!

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  1. Well my friend, I think if you could see something like in the movie A Wonderful Life, how many people your life touched through the years and how their worlds would be different if you had never been born, you would know this life has meaning and YOU made a difference. We do only get one go around thankfully. :-) Wonderful blog you wrote today