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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Week in Review

Week in review, let me see if I can remember anything. There was Monday through Sunday, that I can remember, Silly ain't I? I watch the news every night, but what it was about slips my old fricking mind. We had weather, a big system, I mean a really big weather system bringing a heap o snow for the eastern states. Man o man when a system like this one comes together, taint pretty. ( taint be worse than ain't ) I be a feeling my morning milk this morning. Had be a couple eggs and toast to go along with my skim milk. You know, no I reckon you don't, cause I haven't typed it yet. Please don't pay no attention to the words I use, ya see I be hard of hearing and I type the words how-sa I hear them in my head. Where was I? Oh I remember, I be sittin' down and tryin' to think and type at the same time. How in tarnation does these people multi task? I'm petting my four pound Yorkie, and doing this, woo-wee. Y'all that may be new to me little blog, I like to act silly and have fun with me words.

Back to my breakfast I use to could not drink skim milk, found it right nasty like drinking nasty water, if I wanted water I would drink water, I'd say to myself. Be really a tryin' to do better as far as the eatin' and drinkin' thing, ya know. Have give up everything I use to hold dear, sugary drinks, caffeine, tacos, pizzas, I mean everything, including salt, when I cook I add salt to nothin', absolutely nothing! Once you get use to this, you can do it. Until then baby it ain't easy! Sugar free jello, pudding, pretty damn good.

Well, ain't that just like old Glen to get carried away. Oh! oh! oh! week in review I remember something about polluterticians. ( how about that word? )

It's been so cold the last week we put a sweater on my Yorkie. He don't dilly-dally when he goes out to do his business.

Was it this week or a week ago their was a Republican debate, hard to remember, you see Donald Trump on the news so much.

What the hell is wrong with the water in Flint Michigan? Seems where they got the water was changed and the lead pipes supplying it released toxins that's extremely dangerous to children. How can something like this happen. For two years it was like this. The Doctors of Flint confirmed lead in testing their patients. I'm so flabbergasted about this I could cry. With officials watching out for the safety of we the people, especially children, !#@$%%^^&&%$$#@#!#$%%^. That's what I think of that!!!

Computer troubles for Hilary Clinton. Bernie Sanders wanting to give everything to us free. Well fuck yell look at the wars that have been fought in the last several years, the giving away of money to big banks. All the debt that has accumulated "We The People" should get our share. The federal reserve just keeps the printing presses humming I want my share of the pie. Make a pie chart showing we the poor and the middle class get the crumbs.

Giving poor old Iran more money than I can comprehend. Plus assets frozen in our banks since 1979, with interest. So $400,000 turns into $1.3 billion. That would sur-nuff repair them pipes in Flint!

I'm getting too tired to think. With the two trillion dollars spent in Iraq, and Afghanistan, we should be paying down our national debt. Part of the oil production money should be coming back here. We need somebody smart in Washington cause one think for sure taint none now!

Good night my friends, until we meet again, keep the covers pulled over your head, have sweet dreams, and pet your doggie for there ain't a fucking thing we can do about it!

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  1. There is NOBODY I feel I can vote for this year and I guess I will just stay home . I don't watch the debates and I try not to watch much of the news these days. I'm a happier person for it too. I love your word for those shysters, Polluterticians. Very fitting.

    And you are right, there isn't a darned thing we can do about any of it. I'm getting back under my covers !!