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Thursday, January 7, 2016

A strugglin'

I be a strugglin'. Strugglin' be struggling, only I like leaving out the g, ya see. Why? hell I don't know!

I'm trying to get back into writing a little something, something. I used to enjoy it so much, and want to again. I have ideas, they seem to make so much sense, at that moment, but when I sit down to write a blog, they disappear, I cannot put in words my thoughts. The harder I try the more frustrating it becomes, so I erase it. I use to pick a word and put my own spin on it, that doesn't come anymore.

I'm not depressed, nor happy. I find myself making do with where I'm at mentally and physically. Can't change that can I?

Very few movies move me. Is it a blessing . . . quite possibly. All movies seem to be, been there done that!

My wife brought home the trilogy, Lord of the rings, they were talking about how good it was, so over the holidays she wanted to watch it. We did not make it through the first movie of the trilogy. It was not to our liking.

Wars, death, destruction just ain't my cup a tea. ( Speaking a tea, sounds right good 'bout now. ) No matter how much cuteness goes into a film and special effects they don't hold my attention. Seems they make them so long anymore.

Occasionally I do come across a movie that I enjoy. I watched Snow White and the Huntsman a
couple weeks ago, I truly enjoyed it. Since I am a dog lover and now have a chihuahua, I come across Beverly Hills Chihuahua late one night and enjoyed it, Ya see I'm still a kid at heart, it be my body that's old.

I have a new car riding buddy, a four pound, yorkie I call RAMBO. He's five years old, actually his name is Tigger, I like Rambo better! Ha, ha, ha!

Talking about movies, there was a Billy Jack marathon a while back, all three movies, Billy Jack, The Trial of Billy Jack, and Billy Jack Goes to Washington. It has been a heap o years since I have seen these, actually I have never seen The Trial of Billy Jack, so it was rather interesting.

I like documentaries, I have come to the conclusion that no matter how much they peak my interest that their made to entertain, and how much is fact, or fiction. In my later years I have learn to question everything, for behind everything, lies a motive. It's just this simple, we're controlled, manipulated in all aspects of everything.

To believe in something, someone, undeniably that you lose your own mind, well being is unnatural at this stage in my life.

I do love listening to different opinions, however I believe they're opinions. No one has, nor knows the answers. Some seem to believe they do, therefore they go to great lengths to drive their will upon others. When we lose our ability to reason and think for ourselves the masses are controlled, in more ways than I can contemplate,

You see how my mind wanders, I cannot stay focused on one thing. Well that my friends is me. How I ever wrote a few stories is beyond me. I am a thinkin' about a new continuing story, about my dogs. I may call it Neighborhood Tails, Rambo and Friends, you get the picture. If I can keep my mind focused and remember all the animals I've had it might be fun.

        Rambo and I will go places and as soon as he sees me putting on my jacket he does his little dance. He stands on his hind legs, stretching his front legs skyward and dances around. I have a cushion I place for him to see out the window in my momma's old 95 Monte Carlo. Well we hid to Burger King for chicken nuggets. A couple bits for Rambo and away we go. Sometimes I'll go to the store for groceries, he'll be watching the people go by enjoying every minute of it. Today after getting groceries we sit in the warmth of Mr. Sun. So peaceful, in no hurry enjoying the moment you know. Rambo was on my chest with his front paws on the top of the steering wheel, looked like he was going to drive, a man walks by looks at him and laughs, it made me laugh and feel good. Rambo unknowingly made a stranger laugh.


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