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Friday, January 22, 2016

I have nothing to give

I have nothing to give, except to me the most important thing to me, a piece of my mind. I love listening to experts give their opinions. Sometimes when they hit upon one of my thoughts, I say amen brother! I admit it's rare, the reason seems simple I'll use the old expression, Walk a mile in my shoes. I'm going to add to that a something between Cruz Trump. Cruz made a comment you can't compare the people of New York to South Carolina, as far as beliefs, experiences, values, so on and so forth. Straightforward comment to me. Trump jumped on that bringing in the World Trade Center. That reverberated across the land like a tsunami. We are one and the same, sure whether it be the desert, mountains, farmland, we are a tad different. I do believe for the most part our values, family, religions, are more similar than different. Pitting one against the other, as we are one. We the People! All states face the same problems.

I do reckon my last post was some of that, accidental writing, ghost writing, automatic writing err whatever! I just go where me mind takes me. Good or bad and away I go.

What about the candidates for president? "Oops don't go there!"

My computer acts so strange anymore, must be possessed. All these viruses from around the world is killing off everything. Whenever they take over the world and kill us off they'll straighten themselves up. Without humans to screw everything up the world will be a better place. Can't you imagine a reality show for artificial intelligence. How about the news, how would that work? Who would be in command, let's say how would a presidential election go? Would there be career politicians? Would they have insurance, time off and so on and so forth? How would the wars be fought? Perhaps robot soldiers fighting robot soldiers from different countries. What would they be fighting over? If robots are painted different colors maybe that will cause a color problem. Would the artificial intelligence create within themselves a sense of superiority over their own kind? Interesting !!!

Kind a funny I must say. With new technology comes good and bad.

The challenge of going to the moon in the 60's seemed impossible to me as a young lad. We did it so they say with antiquated technology. Warner Von Braun the man that made it possible must of been a visionary or a man literally out of this world.

I have a point if I can get there, hopefully I can connect my thought like I had a plan, most likely not, but boys and girls this is how my mind works. Believe it or not, my mind is slowed down compared to many years ago.

Technology is a wonderful thing. For example that big collider over in Europe most certainly is a thing beyond comprehension. Mucho billions of dollars to send whatever it be a sending around a 30 mile hole in the ground. I don't know, nor understand, I wonder if all them mad scientist do? Maybe it's going to send us to Mars through a black whole something err the other.

My point if-un I can remember the point I had a few minutes ago. Zooming light years ahead of our mental capacity may destroy us. Oh well I'll be fodder for the worms way before then, hopefully, I'm not so sure, the witnessing of the lack of human intelligence I see ever day may make me wrong.


  1. Just want you to know I am still stopping in to read, even though I don't always comment. Technology....there is good and bad to it. It will probably destroy us all in the end.

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I've learned not to expect comments a long time ago, with what I write. I write for fun, not asking for someone to agree or disagree. As a matter of fact I used to visit other blogs in the beginning and found out there is a group of people that seem to be vultures, I'm sure you know what I'm saying. It amazes me that when I was not posting, I got hits from around the world. I hope to continue saying whatever comes to mind. I chuckle sometimes at what comes out of me wittle mind. If you can laugh at yourself you're still in the game heh? Yer pal G.

    1. Oh but I have just been kind of "blah" lately and feel like if I can't give some sort of intelligent comment, it is better to keep my mouth shut. I DO know what you mean about vultures. Best to just shoot em down my friend ! And yes, I always laugh at myself, best thing a person can do *smiles*