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Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Stupor Of Life

I think to myself, I've not awakened from the stupor of September 17th. Hallucinations, dreams, I still am suffering the side effects of my heart stopping and no breathing. I lay comatose in the hospital waiting to wake up with my world returning to normal. A lot of effort from several people and two hospitals work valiantly to give me another shot. That shot I deserve from giving my all and being a human being.

My faith has been destroyed. I grew up in a world where honesty, loyalty, humanity to my fellow man meant something. I'm not talking faith as in religion, I'm talking bare bones, the nitty-grittiness of humans helping humans in time of need. Where dollars mean absolutely nothing. Its not pushing the knife blade deeper and jiggling it all around to finalize the kill. I'm not an animal! I thought I was a human being, therefore worth a second chance, all, and everything to get me back on my feet again.

In today's world is loyalty to a human being or $$$$$ more important?

I hope you never have to answer that my friends for I have learned the answer the hard way and I know!



  2. Unfortunately the almighty dollar wins every time with certain people and with companies. I'm thinking there is more you have to say about this ? I hope you are doing well physically at least. I will get back to blogging after the holidays. I haven't had a minute to myself lately it seems.