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Friday, December 26, 2014

Screaming, My Conciousness!

A couple weeks ago I'd say my consciousness was minimal. I now need to let er rip,, whatever be up there please come out ol' Glen wants to play. I fear . . . my sense of humor has run away. No! No! can't be, whatever will I say?

Can the brain be overloaded, say like the colon, you know, fresh stuff in, old shit out.  (that's pretty funny, ha, ha!)  Sorry, I be on my way back, nah I ainna sorry 'bout that. I feel I've lost out on a lot of funning, when I was away.

One thingee, I lurned, fer sure, ya just can't force this here stream of consciousness thing.  If its flowing fun for me, hopefully, I can get a grin outta you. See when I try to stifle, the flow of me stream, by damning it, then I say, THEN strange things may happen, like proper spelling, punctuation, and educated, ya know schoolin', which I nevur, lurned, no how. I grew up going to school, then comin' home and readin', my favoritiest author, Samuel Clemens, ya know Mark Twain. How would one expect a poor country boy, who's relatives were from the hills and hollers of Kentucky be any other way?

Whow-wee, I seem to be in a right fine mood 'bout now. I certainly need it I was in a bummer of a mood nye onto ten days or so. I hate when that happens, don't know how to stop it, I just try to ignore it, till it goes away. Could drink booze, nah . . .  could do drugs, nah . . .  I'm doing enough legal ones now, don't know how the fuck I could be depressed?

You know I have been getting a lot of hits from Ukraine, and Russia. I find that so special, because there all from my older posts. I believe the people of Ukraine and Russia, might identify with a simple poor old man, like me. I be just ME, a tryin' to be no one other than ME.

What did I do today? The same I been a doin' fer several weeks now. Sleep, eat, take my medicines, check my blood pressure, glucose level, do some walkin', try, I SAY TRY, to find something worth watching on the tell-e-vision, that sur-nuff is hard to do!


'Bout now . . . yer askin' yerself, what be the deal with the ZZZs? Don't know, it's late and I should be in bed, I reckon that had somethin' to do with it.

I'm writing this part below the ZZZs about ten days later. It's 6 am December 26. Had a sweet potato casserole for dinner and as a snack later on, yummy, yummy, yummy, like a sweet tater pie in me tummy!  Later on as I try to sleep them sweet taters were a growlin' in me belly!

Enough of that crap! Let me see if I have anything a swimmin' in the ol' stream of thought consciousness thing.

Well one think just popped into my mind, me belly be a rumbling so I better hid to the you know. At least a synapsey thing fired so there was no mess!

How do I get out of this mess I thought myself into?

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  1. I can see your sense of humor peeking through today. You just hang in there. Things will get better. I have enjoyed seeing the more serious side of you also . I hope you get to the point you are happy with things again and can just relax and be yourself.........just write, remember? *smiles*