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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Ramblin', Man, Just A Thinkin'!!!!!

A spark, a thought come hither, old Glennio needs help, a lot of help! I sit here trying to think but can't get started. I shall write anything and everything that enters my mind. This ought to be fun, after yesterdays pouring of the heart. The truth, feelings thoughts hurt sometime that's why I have you out there in blogland, cheaper than a shrink. We all have our ups and downs, don't we? The cleansing of the mind and heart is a good thing, sure beats a colonoscopy!  ( Place smile here. )

I wrote my little heart out on yesterdays post, now I say fuck it retire, go bug my buddy Timster and retire to Florida. The life of Riley is for me. Sip margaritas, watch the girls go by while I still have my eyesight. Get me a new puppy like my old friend Punkster. Ride the roads searching for adventure, yep retirement! ( Hell yes! )

Right now at this moment I feel good. Why? Hell I don't know but I'll sure as hell take it. Perhaps it's the milk and a handful of pills, yep give me some good ol' American milk where the milk cows have been shot full of medicine. Whether we like it or not we are addicted to the shit put into everything we eat or drink. Hell alcohol is probably the safest thing to drink. Why? Because it has alcohol to cure the mind and clean out the impurities in our body.

'Bout now yer sayin', this boy be full of shite, yep and proud of it! Not true. I go regularly every morning. I be full of pills that's fer sure. I have some cake along with me milk, I made a cake, a yellow cake with chocolate icing, sugar free, good once you get used to it. My glucose level needs to stay down for me to feel better. Surprising the foods you can enjoy, but you must take the time to cook. That right there boys and girls, that be the problem! Working parents with children can't find the time, soo, lets grab a pizza. fast foods, they're a killin' us faster and faster. Y'all know this here old fool be right. I have learned by being forced to eat smarter, dag-nap-it, I ainna gettin' no smarter but I'm eatin' smarter! Yes I is! Ya see I be a doin' the cookin'. Use to love to cook and learned at a young age, my firstus job at the age of 16 was a busboy for my great auntie, Anna Mae a Kentucky woman who was a hell of a cook! Well now she took me under her wing and gave me more cookin' lessons. Ya got to have time and patience to cook properly. I was also a grill cook for the busy times.

Startin' at the bottom like as a busboy a cleanin' up them tables, is what some of these here young-ins need. You work, earn your way up and as your earnin' ye be a learnin at every job. Yes sir my good friends.

OH SHITE!!! I be a ramblin', yes sir, I love to ramble!!!

Ya know I been a thinkin' and a tryin' not to voice my opinion on delicate matters! It be hard though!

You know The U. S. A. has roughly 350,000,000 people. We have always been a mixture of all races. Well now that's just what we, er, can't change that. Hatred runs within families, work environments, everywhere you go and that's a fuchin' sad fact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take the larger city in America, they've always been home to all cultures. The way this here old country boy understands within say, New York and Los Angeles is many cultures that have their own parts of the city.

Cities within cities it seems, per my understandin' AND A, I, don't understand too much. How and why did this happen? Well seems like most groups like to be with their own. Their culture lives on. That's quite alright I reckon.

Well now, seems hornets nest are opened when others barge in. Well yeah! That's only natural huh? So what be the answer, well seems the lawmakers have made laws, that's the problem! Keep these lawmakers out of all the different races areas. Yep that ought to fix the problem hey? Sure!!!!! Let all the different races police themselves. Hell yes, seems only right. How in tarnation would this ever work? We have people from all nations of the world. Let them make their own rules and police them!


Well now how many pure Americans is there? That be a hard question to answer! Damn America has always been a mixture of the world. We done went and killed off the pure Americans the Indian. So what do we do now start killing off all the races, DAMN! How many true blue Americans, be left. Gosh darn it wouldn't be enough left to fight our wars, farm, raise crops for the world. Shite Russia, China, somebody with more than a few citizens would take us over. Mexico or Canada could take us over easy!

SEEMS I really got lost on my rambling! After all Ricky Nelson died a long time ago, so now I'm The Rambling Man.

With all these police shootings and racial out cry, let blacks police black neighborhoods, whites police white area, and so on and so forth. All races police themselves.


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