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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

You Shall Remember!

Out and about on this November day, must do something as boredom tries getting the best of me. A light rain and a cloudy day doesn't help my doldrums in the least. Hey, don't get me wrong I'm not complaining that's just where my mind be at this moment. I can shake this loose by writing or taking a little ride, or visiting my mother. I shall wallow only briefly in the emotions of boredom compared to where I was only a few weeks ago!

My mind is ready to return to work, yet my body lingers several weeks behind. I need a trip to the sunshine state to break my funk, walk the beach, feel the warm sand betwixt my toes, perhaps I shall dream of this tonight. Oh yeah --- I'd, like that!

Will I return to the normality of my former self? God! I hope not! I wish to simply shrug off, and will away the stupidity of realty, in the realness of my world.  ( Damn that actually makes sense as I reread it, sha-zam baby! )

((( Maybe my sense of humor returneth, yee-haw I hope so, being too serious is hard on me! )))

The little world I have grown accustom to seems larger after my two visits to two different hospitals.  You know all embarassments are left at the front door as you're stuck, poked in every place, even places you didn't realize you had places. Luckily some good meds are in your I. V.'s.

As I grow older my world is smaller, don't want all the hassles of an earlier age. When your young you do as young ones do, but when your hair gets thinner and ever continually grayer, you wish for a recliner that has years of customizing to your tired old body, a remote. a glass of tea that never runs out and your old dog to nap on your lap.

The world re-invents itself to the next generation, good or bad in your eyes don't mean shit! The tiredness of your soul, is meant to be. Let them make the mistakes, learning from them and move forward. It's not your fault or calling as you have been there, done that. Time reflects the wisdom of some, the inability of some to reach their potential, the riff-raff, the ones that are carried by others. After all it's nothing new is it.

To rise above all the lame-brained atrocities of life, to live to see the ever increasing life span expanded is what senior citizens is all about, retire to the southern states and ride around in your motorized chair and golf carts!

As you watch the sunsets, the small trials that loomed ever so large of years passed will not be remembered. When you take your last breath, you shall remember you always gave your best!!!

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  1. First, thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comments there. And please don't apologize for writing about these recent events in your life. This was afterall a MAJOR experience to go through.... maybe even a life changing one, so what better way to process it than to write it down. We talked about this before, the power of the written word to heal . *smiles*

    Walking on the beach would be nice for you. As you know, that is where I go sometimes when life becomes a bit more than I would like to deal with. The healing power of the ocean waves crashing against the shore, the sun shining down and the sand beneath your feet. It just has a way of washing the cares away. So I hope if nothing else, you dreamed about it. I will have to go out there soon and make another video for you to watch. Not the same as being there, but better than nothing.

    Keep moving forward my friend. You will get there , to a place you feel good again.