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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Little Asshole!

My Terrier/Jack Russell is faster than I am. I have a fenced in back yard where I let him out, but he slipped through me and got out the other door. Well once in a great while he does manage to do this and he's off a runnin' and a runnin' and all sense he has, runs away, he only knows, just a runnin, a free bird, oopsey free! Last night it is was about 14 degrees, if he would of snuck out, he would not stayed out long, however it's about 40 right now and I cannot get him to come to me. Jack is his name and I rescued him awhile back. He has sense inside, but when he feels the ground under his paws all sense dissipates into ancestor wild dog thing.  ( Little asshole! )

I went outside several times, enticing him to come to me. NOPE. he gotta be who he be, a wild dog fer a spell. FINALLY he decides,   "I best mind or no food for me tonight!"  ( Little asshole! )

The last time he got out I found him growling at two German Shepherds, apparently he don' know his size! I managed to get a hold of him and scowled him all the way home.  ( I doubt he cared at all, felt so good he had to run. )     ((( Little asshole! )))

Once he came home after his run-about, looking like a baby pig in mud. Straight to the rub-a-dub-dub-little-piggy-tub.

Another time during a cold snow he timed the door just right and off on a run-about he goes. I laughed to myself, "he won't be gone long, too darn cold for a run-about."  Sure-nuff, I stayed at the door and about a minute later he came to the door a barkin'.  I asked him "too cold fer ya huh?"  He come in shaking snow off, like a shakin' water off.

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  1. Hahahaha, I can relate to this story. My daughter who just moved away had a dog, a jack russell / chihuahua mix. When that dog was young, she went wild every time she went outside . When I would get ready to leave to pick my daughter up from school, that "little asshole" would slip out the door before I even knew it and run and run down the street, and no amount of calling or threats would get her to come back. I swear she literally laughed at me. I was always late picking up my daughter when she did this because I would be chasing all over the neighborhood to catch that dog. She lives here with me now and has calmed down, but she still won't listen :-) My daughter moved to Idaho because her husband is in the air force and it was a 2600 mile drive. That dog does not ride well in cars , she freaks out just going to the groomers or the vet which are both less than two miles. So we thought it best she stay here.

    Great story Glen, and I know how you love your four legged friends. See, there is something right there. Someone has to take care of the "little asshole" *smiles*