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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

But Wait There's More!!!!

GOSH DARN IT!   Once more, I'm at a lost,    ( That sums up me whole life! )  what to write, without the emotional challenges of work, I'm stuck, big time! I don't like it! Surely I'm more than work?

I've never been through such trials of the last couple months, but damn it does do, things to your mind! ( I love that, does do thing, I just did! Does-do, does-do, ah, ha, ha, ha! I've gone completely nuts! )

I would describe the first week of being off as "HUH?" I knew nothing!

Second week was hope, turn despair. Home for a couple days and the side effects of medication saw me returning to a bigger, SMARTER, big city hospital.   "Hallelujah!"

Maybe I best do a short summary for y'all that don't follow me blog regularly.

I was found laying on the floor at work turning blue, a couple friends done C. P. R. until help arrived, I was shocked with defibrillators from the firemen, and in the ambulance on the way to the hospital and again at the hospital, where I was placed on life support, for about four days. I was down for the count, and miraculously recovered. Eight days, many tests and medicines later I was sent home.

BUT wait . . . there's more!

How can I top, coming back?

Sunday after coming home on Thursday I was coughing up blood with small chunks of important inner stuff, and bleeding internally. Another ride in the ambulance but my county hospital sent me to the big city hospital. Well they pumped this here old man's insides with blood, and other good stuff. After another eight day stay, I returned home.   "Ain't no place like home!"  

So after about three weeks into my game of being a Doctors toy, and knock, knock, knocking at death's doors, I return home so weak I could not walk unaided. My energy level was maybe a 5 out of a hundred.

Its been close to eight weeks now, slowly my strength returns. Boredom is sitting in. Please don't feel sorry for me, it was inevitable until my strength is back and complications are resolved.

I paid a visit Friday night to work, breaking up the doldrums, seems it be the same o, same o. I do not miss the crap, but do miss working. Many of my fellow workers talk to me, guess what, it was not good! Compared to what I've been through I feel somewhat stupid mentioning it, but it's true.

I have a feeling this holiday season will be my most memorable since my childhood. Already, I wish to put the tree up, I'm serious. My wife thinks I'm off my rocker but I don't care!

I know I ramble but that's me.

I wish not, to return, to normal, I know not what normal is? If normal is, what I come into contact and work with everyday I wish to stay me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love dreams and a good imagination, that's what I shall live for until the end.


Enough to write a book, yet meaningless! I have always tried to share in my everyday world, of which I've learned in the college of Hard Knocks!


  1. I just wrote a LONG comment to you and it did not publish for some reason.

    I hate that.....

    The gist of it was that it is really hard to read about you being on the floor turning blue, right there on death's doorstep. And then all the things that followed in the ensuing weeks after. But as I read that, I think about the fact that you are HERE, Alive and I have to believe that there is something still left for you in this life. Boredom and depression are very difficult to go through, I know.

    Still, I feel that things will get better for you. Your dreams will come back, your humor will come back (I saw a glimpse of it in today's post) . Your health will return and you will find whatever it is that is going to give meaning to you, the reason you are still here .

    Hang in there my friend, keep going. Patience is not easy, but sometimes necessary ! I know these are just words from someone who lives a thousand miles from you, but it was WORDs from a certain "professor" that lived a thousand miles from me , that kept me going till I got back into a good place.

    Don't give up !!!

  2. Thanks C. I appreciate your support.