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Monday, November 3, 2014

Another Chapter

I've been struggling with posting, I sit down and nothing happens. Yesterday my remembrance of my dreams returned, that's a very good sign for me because I get lost, and the emotions I encounter is what keeps me . . . ME!  I believe more than anything else in my life without the comfort they provide I would be a different person. They fuel my imagination and my imagination cup runneth over. Man I love it!

Visited work for the first time since my? Damn, what do I call it? Brush with whatever lies beyond. The man that gave me chest compressions was excited to see me up and walking, the last time he seen me I was blue and laying on the cement. Tears formed in his eyes as he gave me a big hug, it was an emotional and beautiful moment.

Listening him describe the exact moments of which I know nothing about was surreal! I continue to hear and understand more and more as I merge back into reality from the opposite of where I have been. I lost several days of life in a way I wish not on anyone. Bits and pieces are slowly filling in, seems I've had an out of body experience and learning about it through the eyes of others. I continue learning, for example I was reviewing paperwork from the second hospital I had an eight day stay in. I had pneumonia in addition to all the other problems. All I can say is it's amazing if I dwell upon the whole scenario, and does not seem real.

I tire of talking about it, but how else do I work through it and return to myself of old, perhaps my dreams returning will do the trick.

I search for humor, but temporarily it eludes me.

I search for wisdom, but am confused.

I search for the strength to carry on.

I search for inner peace to guide me through another chapter.

If in life, there lies a purpose to my journey, I search for that road that will carry me, from here on out.


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  1. I think right now you need to write just the way you are writing Glen. The humor will come back, but your mind wants to process all that has happened to you and writing this all down will help you to move forward. Don't stress over it, just write, whatever is there , write it down. In time you will have worked through everything and your humor will come back.

    Just relax, write, and don't stress over it ok ? *smiles*