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Monday, March 14, 2016

Progress and Values

I was working on another post and plum confused myself, too much thinking I reckon! I'm not too good at thinking it's too hard. I'd rather just let my mind wander, go deep into the caverns searching. Sometimes nothing happens, then I just say "---- it and go to bed. Sometimes my mind just goes lickety-split and I follow it, trying to keep up with my typing. There still be unexplored sections and I love visiting those passageways. Yes I do! The older you get them there synapsey thing-a-ma-jigs go south on you or somewhere else, probably Pluto. That I believe is the little planet that was but is now not a planet. Heavens to Betsy we may be in for a ride this morning as in real early am. I really should go to bed but I wanna post something. At the rate this is going don't look like it'll be anything. I keep waiting for the automatic spirit something or the other to take over my body so I can take a break, seems them spirits ain't never around when you need one.

Them there spirits and the automatic writing shite wants nothing to do with me, so I just went to bed.

It is now half a day later, as in 5 pm. I shall try again I have something in my mind I shall try to write about that.

Could not sleep worth a darn, it's rainy, a dreadful day but I have gotten Rambo ( remember now that is my 4 lb. Yorkie, a real killer yes he is! ) used to riding. Anyhowst  ( I make up my own words sometimes, that is exactly how I heard it flow from me brain, please excuse an old fart like me. )

There ain't no wondur I cannot spell worth a shite! I always have the close caption on, my television cause I'm a mite deaf. A mite my arse!!! Well the words get all garbled up in me ears to me head. Anyhowst I have caught many mistakes in the spellin' on the television, so it's bad enough I cannot hear or spell worth a shite the damn television can't either. Yes, the computer will alert me to mistakes but I like to leave them in sometimes.

When I get up I'm always hungry and so is Rambo, he watches me and when I put my shoes and jacket on, he knowsa, its a riding time, plus chicken nugget time, he gets as happy as a pig in slop.

 (Okay! okay! okay! I grew up around my grandfather on my daddys side who was a poor man with poor ways and loved to raise pigs. )

So hi-ho, hi-ho its off we go. Shite my low oil light comes on, I bee a aiming to get it changed but keep forgetting. I put a quart in and off we go. I drive a 95 Monte Carlo so I must keep a eye on things you see. Chicken nuggets later I go to the store. I have a hankering for roast beef and cheese so by golly, I get me some. Then we ride around a bit.

I have not been back to my former workplace since the, passing out, dying, shock my heart back up thing in September of 2014. Well this building was built in 1997 for this company that was family owned and operated since 1872 that's right 1872!!! It was sold a couple months ago, nobody works there anymore. The business is still operating the new owners have streamlined it substantially. This building is no longer needed. Quite sad but the sign of the times.

It got me to thinking about many things I have seen in my life. That's progress I reckon. Progress always comes at a cost doesn't it? No matter whether we like it or not! I'll admit some is good, some is bad.

There is certain fundamental building blocks of human existence that should never be, progressed away. Values as in family values, that is the number one problem facing the last few generations and reaching epidemic proportions today!

What in tarnation has happened? The family life of the two parent system has changed immensely. Dad worked, mom stayed home to take care of the children. Family meals at the dinner table, conversations, real conversations, Norman Rockwell scene you know! Church, picnics, vacations, you see where I'm going.

Too many one parent households from divorce, the one parent forced to work. Kids growing up pretty much taking care of themselves, way to often.

Education most assuredly has gone down. Why? Well I'm sure many highly educated Educators know, why after all, they have Doctorates and letters behind their names.

I say "number one, every child, must have, is a good education." I read an eye opening statement, we The United States rank 30 out of 30 in education and number 1 out of 30 at spending, I say "wasting money."

Sad!, so sad! The United States just loves to waste money!

Seems to this old man, with few years left, "We The People" have stood back thinking our elected officials are looking out for "We The People." I don't think soo!!! They are nothing more than lifetime Politicians. Now seems to me that the vast majority are Lawyers! Well shucks! That there explain a lot to this old country fool.

I do not know what the newer generation think, I'm old and don't come into contact too much with them. I'm sure there are many good, caring ones. I question though with what you see firsthand, read about, see on the news whether we have enough good young men and women to override the adversity I believe exist.

Examples, I have too much time on my hands and read and watch documentaries and such. The drug epidemic I read about is overwhelming, to an old, naïve, fat fart! ( Hey how do you like my description of myself? ) That's the illegal drug epidemic. Now lets add in the amount of Doctor prescribed drugs, it's plum fucking scary to me. Seems a lot of kids have to get away from the every day reality of living. Once again I suppose the lack of discipline, love. understanding, general discussions of parenting are lost, slipped through the hands of not enough time, money, values and such.

Progress, has progressed humanity backwards, in many ways. We know what they are, whether we're willing to say or not. The greatest single invention of mankind is the greatest tool ever, yet the problems it has laid upon us are real.

Our minds have been unable to keep up with the advances in technology.

The ones that "We The People" have made so rich that we cannot even comprehend nor write enough zeros to tally such figures.

The two Political Parties have brought us to this point and the corruption at this moment is playing out. They have controlled us for . . . forever and we did not even know it!

We are orchestrated by the all knowing, all seeing ones that think us as simpletons. They're right, look at where we are at this time in history.

What are our choices that the next President will either continue us with the worst of times?

What is the possibility that the next President will save us and produce this country into the best of times?

So who is the candidate that will bridge us successfully into the future?

Hillary Clinton with so much being held over her head, can she get the Democratic nod?

Bernie Sanders and socialism, seems a nice man, liked by many!

The Republican side is down to four, from a starting field of 17.

One seems to be far out front, not a Politician at all, a billionaire, imagine that. Seems the dragon has awakened! Feeding on all that the career Politicians has screwed up. He's used to being the Boss, having his way. He says what he thinks with the words, that identify him with the silent ones that have given up!

Will the Dragon be slain or will he reign. One things for sure, I hate politics but cannot wait to see the next episode of  the newest Reality show. Politics at Work!

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  1. Sorry I am late reading this. My daughter , son in law and grandson have been here for two weeks. Don't get much time to be online. Keep writing my friend ! One thing I do like about that billionaire of which you speak is he does say what he thinks no matter what. We shall see where this all goes...