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Monday, March 28, 2016

I unleash my super hero " ( Joe Pesky )

Okay! okay! okay . . .   ( I cannot keep my favorite inner voice quiet. )

Here is Joe Pesky

"This dipstick of a brain I live in, tries to write nice, funny, stuff. No one cares about nice stuff anymore, just watch the fricking news, anytime of the day or night! I'm what the numbskull's brain  calls a misfit, the brain man is quite a . . . what do you call someone who has many different characters living inside their mind? skitzo, psychotic. whatever the crap. There was this book Sybil, remember, she had sixteen personalities inside her. Damn . .  talk about possessed! It used to be called (Multiple Personality Disorder.) Today they call it D.I.D. (Dissociative Identity Disorder.) Disorders this, disorders that! There's more Disorders than these Shrinks can identify. Used to just be called crazy,  off their rocker, mentally ill, they'd put all the affected ones in a sanitariums for the insane and threw the key away! Now they let 'em all out for us partially sane ones. What is the politically correct terminology today, Challenged, yeah that's it Challenged. Prescribe them nutsos new drugs, that'll bring them halfway to normal. They use to experiment with drugs, and shock their asses back to not quite crazy enough to be locked up, but well enough to be out here in society."

"Okay! okay! okay . . . you think I Joe Pesky be screwing with your head don't you? Why can't I screw with your head? Every day the Brain Negatory Commission of the World screws your brain up, and you don't even know it! This international agency is funded by most countries, for sure, would I lie to you? We're being bombarded by so much insanity that you'd swear, the inmates are running the asylum! Guess what they are! Do you think that Lawyers which I do believe make up the majority of Politicians. What other college degreed ones could read documents and screw the world up so much? It has taken time to get us in the shape we're in. They'll sue anyone who has money for anything."

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  1. Well I do love that Joe Pesky ! I think he is on to something :-)