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Tuesday, March 8, 2016


This here message be fer y'all that don't know me. I like having fun with my little exercises in writin'. My favorite author growing up was Samuel Clemens, you know Mark Twain. Bet few of you have read his work, he died over 100 years ago. Any-whoo, I like typin' fer fun, AND since I be many decibels away from normal, I be legally deaf in the high pitch range. What-ta, what-ta I be a tryin' ta tell ya is, my hearing and mind plays tricks with me. I find the words get all garbled up from my ears to me mind to me, fingers. I laugh at myself and let the misspelled words go because it find it fun, besides it be my blog and I can do it if I want to.

I know y'all out there with perfect hearing have no idee what I be a talkin' about.

The writer now returns to normal, if possible!

I'm sure you have heard the word elite many times. If I said "the Navy Seals are the elite soldiers." You would understand, meaning well trained, best of the bunch.

Apparently there are people above the Politicians in Washington that are the real power. Who would a thought that? Not me, not me, not me! Ain't no difference than it's ever been. You think man has changed? Not me, not, me, not me!

Let's go back to the caveman. A big strong caveman can bully all the others, right. Then a smart caveman comes along. He becomes the leader cause he is smarter. The big strong caveman realizes that if he teams up with Mr. Smart Caveman, he would be better off. He is the strong arm, doing what he does best, and along with Mr. Smart, things become even better. Women, best chunk of wooly mammoth. Mr. Smart be the elitist. He sits back and does his thinking, telling ever one else their position in the caveman cave.

A good ways through history Mr. Smart becomes a King. Kings and Queens pass on their titles through their genes, unless they're challenged by some uppity uppers within their kingdom, or some bigger bullies plow through the kingdom like the Romans.

About now you're saying to yourself, "Where in tarnation is he going with this?"

Glen's answer "don't rightly know, but sure is fun getting there."

So within this little scenario you have farmers, boot makers, you know all the necessary trades to support the little kingdom of the King. The Mr. King has his taxman and loyal army to get whatever he wants done. He's one of the elite, through bloodline, or just making, oopsey, taking so much money from the middle class, oops again, peasants.

More modern times finds so many more countries, so many more, Kings, Queens, so many other titles of the ones in charge.

Ones become fixated by wealth, just can't get enough.

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