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Monday, March 28, 2016


I'm having a rough time with this writing thing once more. A few years ago I could pop something out almost daily, those were the good old days. My older post receive many hits, and that plum tickles my innards. Those old posts were a lot of fun to put to paper, oops I mean computer.

Everything seems to boil down to politics and religion, or leads back there as I write. Surely to God there's other things to write about in my old age.

Maybe there's a reason for that as we're affected so much with both!

I'm going to think for a minute or so and see if I actually learned anything over the weekend. I'm going to put you on hold, please play your favorite song in your mind for one minute.

Minute is up, did you enjoy your song? Nothing popped into my head. I don't do much anymore or wander out into the wilds of people.

I have read several articles recently about cell phone addiction. According to these articles stating facts about usage just blew me away. Apparently young adults are addicted like drug users. In my limited life outside in the too real world for me, say waiting in the waiting room at my Doctor, it is abundantly clear people of all ages are addicted. I can live with that if their wiling to pay the prices of these toys . . . it's their money. The can't wait until later and texting while driving is abominable. This shows the can't wait a minute, have to right now, no matter what the cost, including their lives. All common sense has left the mind. One or at least this one has to wonder how can anything coming across or sending through this contraption/toy/computer/phone whatever??? One of the articles used the word pacifier and that people can't imagine being without it. It sends shivers through their body thinking about losing or going without it. Comparing it to an addiction that I know is real because I see it.

Curiosity got the best of me so I looked it up.

NOMOPHOBIA-"no mobile-phone-phobia," the fear of being without your cell phone. Can you believe that?

Survey said, two-thirds in the United Kingdom experience nomophobia. Wow! Is all I can think of!

It increases to 77% for young people 18 to 27.   DAMN!

In the U. S. 75% of all teens text, sending an average of 60-100 text per day.

These few facts tell us something, don't it!

Could there be a connection to education going south. Apparently so if the amount of time spent studying for school was as great or as important as the cell phone certainly our education as a nation would be higher than 30 out of the thirty countries in a study.

Well enough said about such a modern wonder. It makes me wonder where we'll go from here? Are we on a path to destroying what brain we have left or just another way of control?

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  1. My kids decided I should have a cell phone a couple of years ago. I carried a flip phone and didn't text so the kids decided I should have one of the new smart phones so they could text me. I thought phones were for talking ? I dropped my new smart phone not long ago and it shattered, so they got me a new one and I can't figure out how to answer it. Hahaha.

    Hey, I know what you mean about having a hard time writing. I can't seem to come up with anything either these days. I was reading through some of my old stuff and your comments on them and I wondered what happened to the person who used to write those posts ? Whichever person in my head who did, must have left the building !