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Sunday, March 6, 2016


It's really late Saturday night or really early Sunday morning, depending I reckon on whether you have been to bed or just getting up. Any-who it's 5 in the am Sunday March the 6. Where the hell did January and February go? I have many completed post but I tire of writing the get off your chest shite, you know! Damn . . . . . I'm having a terrible time coming up with something to say.

It might be the best of times OR the worst of times after this presidential election. Only in my nightmare could I dream of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump fighting for the presidency. Hillary and all her baggage and Donald. You cannot become as rich as he is without baggage of his own. Is this where our country has come to? Seems a bad B movie playing in reality. Hah maybe it's a real reality show. The ratings have been through the roof. You have Dodzilla, verses Marko Sharko and Teddy Cruzman. Has looked more like a wrestling match or a three ring Circus as of late. Kasich has kept his cool and the Ice Man Carson looks the most leader like to me and he's done left the building!

Damn there I go again back to politics. I wonder if there is a Political Asylum for old Politicians, well if there's not, there should be. One of the problems is some of them should of retired many years ago. Let these younger ones that are full of piss and vinegar get in there and shake it up since they're being left with a massive debt, get rid of the lifetime politicians and get some new blood.

Something needs to put a rocket down North Korean pudgy cartoon character looking leaders pants. Better still tie him to one of his missiles and send him into space.

Former President Jimmy Carter said "our government of today is an oligarchy." Whow-wee he getting mean, whatever that word means. I like it and don't rightly know it.

Oligarchy is a government run by a small group and influential people, rather than the majority. Seems to me old Jimmy still has a few synapses firing!

I believe Oligarchy has always been the case. Money talks and we the commoners will follow for a little cheese on a stick. It will never change don't fool yourself.

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  1. Hahaha, I love that you are getting stuff off your chest because you are saying all the things I want to get off of my chest too!