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Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Last Chapter!

I have plenty, yet nothing to say. I apologize to all for not being around of late. A resurgence of me in ways thought gone has robbed parts of me, yet regained parts of me!

I want, I need? I once NEEDED to post almost nightly. Many challenges, problems, obstacles, health, both mental and physical, good and bad, computer problems. LIFE YOU KNOW!!!

I grow . . . oh! so tired, of the daily burdens shackled upon! They leave deep, non-healing scars, like molten lead  in my mind!

I tire sometimes . . . of living!

Yet . . . I'm not yet ready to be shown!

I still enjoy parts of life . . . too much!

Kinda funny, kinda silly, ain't it?

Some days it's simply the struggle of placing my feet upon the cold hard floor of life!

Ah! to simply take the cover from my face in my sanctuary of dreams!

But, I do, and continue too. Why? Don't rightly know!

Where have I been? Lost deep, into the caverns of my soul. I can see clearly, there!

How so? I can be me . . . just me! No pretending of who I ain't! Just plain ol' me. That's all I want to be!

I need no overloading of information in this the overloading of communication and information, or should I say the mis-information age.

I feel, I'm in the last chapter of my life. Whether it be a short, or long chapter, be depending on how I, and I only, handle the daily trials and tribulations of simply living. Do I merely live to exist, or do I live, to live!

I return to my roots of why I felt the need to type, and a challenge like non other in my lifetime. I 'm an antiquated old fashion man, born fifty years too late. I do not fit in the modern world of today. I'm a black and white television in a world of 72 inch wall mounted flat screens, with so many gizmo's that rot the brain of our modern world.

I originally began this adventure to fight away the senility of being a senior citizen. I need a challenge to survive or I fear I'll simply fade away.

Recently as I retire to my haven, to renew my mind and soul, I have been writing a story in my mind and drifting off to sleep. A storyline in my mind. Hopefully I can resurrect that story as I get back to writing my love of the many different ideas locked in my mind. That's my first love and why I originally took on this challenge of teaching an old dog new tricks.

Resurrecting my old computer took some doing it was locked up and thought down for the ten count.

I found myself drifting away and needed a sabbatical from this angel/devil computer. Depending upon where it takes me. I was spending too much time away from writing. I do not wish to get trapped in the modern ways of today. I wish to write short stories and my never ending dreams. We need a break from the modern ways. I will write more of my short stories and I hope you enjoy them. I have poured my heart and soul into my previous adventures.  GLEN!