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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Be A Draggin!

Just spent some downtime relaxing. I thoroughly enjoyed an old black and white movie, made in 1959, titled The Last Angry Man, with Paul Muni. Those of you that know a little 'bout me will understand why, if you've seen this movie.

How are you today? I thought about this at work today, "I would not last a year if I retired!" I must work! I must have purpose! Without a purpose, I would fall prey to my body, my mind. My aches, pains, mental complications would completely control me. If I yield to my afflictions, the fight for what's left of me . . . then I, the Glen you know would perish. I must feel the sweat, the aggravation, the beauty of, puppy dogs and every other good, bad, ugly thing thrown at me! That let's me be, ALIVE! I am, always have been a student of observation. But so much more than that, I sense I feel, I love, I hate! All good and bad emotions maketh . . . me LIVE! I've always been hard of hearing, yet I hear all, through my eyes, my soul. DAMN! I hope some of you understand!!! Life is to never stop learning, from the baggage, the laughter, the love, the hopes, the dreams.

I have pretty much become a homebody as I age. No longer do I wish to be a rat in the race to die. Once upon a time it was how many hours I could stay up, how much I could accomplish. I must, make money to buy, or do something, to have fun, to enjoy! That's a load o crap! Can't make your mind peaceful, happy, content. I must feel the opposites and every other fricking thing thrown my way to drag my aching sore old body and still alive and kicking mind to lay back in my recliner, that I've carefully molded for a generation. My dog in my lap and breath, from a simple man's sigh of relief that I've done my best and gave my all.

I am ME! I do not hold the world in my hand, don't wish to! I must get through every day with my head held high, even though me ass, me mind, be a draggin!

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