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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Just answer the damn question!

Well know I'm truly surprised that anyone missed my meandering style of madcap madness. As my grandma would say "bless your hearts." I needed the nightly mind clearing. A mind cleaning sent out for all to see. I reckon those of you that have read a fair amount of my 600 post, have formed an idea of what I'm about. NOPE!!! I don't a know what I'm about! I do, do a fair amount of thinkin. A bad habit I cannot break. It's a curse! Thinkin caused too many problems. (There now you've heard it on GLENVIEW.)    (((bY tHe WaY tHaT hAs  nIcE wRiNg To iT.)))


Interviewer "Why have you been away?"

Glen "That's a very good question. May I speak freely?  Damn! this may be a tougher interview than I expected! I wished to learn, to write, and type. Never had me a computer, never knew how to type. I had me the need to learn somethun new, afore I die.  

(((This here might be a good time to let y'all know. I like a, to play with these here wurds.))) It drives my computer plum fricking nuts!. So you-ins will not know when I'm fricking wiss ya, or not!

I'd come home and want to get as ferrr, away from the reality of the real word, as I can, y'know! Bringing up things from the fer reaches of me mind, seemed as bout as far as I could ever, ever go. It weren't easy though. My mind was bashful as first. Ifun I be pissed, I'd wanna write a lot of them cursed, cursing wurds. I might as well just wrote like this@#$^$#@$%&^&*()_)*&^%$#@#. Some days we all feel like that, don't we? Then I realized, that anybody can put a bunch of them cursed, curse words down. Holy mackeral!!! Curse words, cursive writing! Is there any connection here? Just a thought.

I had this little bunch of wurds ready the other night . . . "then I say!" Somethin' happened!

Me fricking computer stopped working. Wouldn't do, one dag blasted thing! The mouse couldn't get Howie to go. Sun a bitchin bastard refused the orders from me and Mr. Mouse.

Y'know what I think. I got me a virus in me computer.

I've come to the conclusion I must have a challenge in life to keep on a going. That's what the last six months to a year has been about. I have to prove to myself I'm still worthy of life. Oh my God! ya old ones will know what I'm talkin about.

I've been watching some old movies as of late. Caught a really good one the other night, Man Worth A Million, with Gregory Peck, made in the 50's. I highly recommend it. Just don't make them like that anymore.

Been watching antenna t v on my free t v antenna. Mr. Ed a show I thoroughly enjoyed as a lad. Guess what? Still do. I reckon I'm a sap for simple things. Nothing wrong with that, is there?

I'm truly a simple man in a world of technological overload. I watched a show from the 50's called Highway Patrol. I remember that show in reruns as a kid. Only now you see how ancient everything is.

Well I reckon where I'm headed is, I feel out of place in the modern world. I don't belong in this era. I can come home after a hard nights work and eat me a fried bologna sandwich, sit in my easy chair, drink lemonade, with my dog in my lap, watch old black and white movies, or type a little somethin, somethin on me computer and be happy.


"""I hope when I hit publish I don't lose this. Am I still typin?"""

Oh, oh, oh! I just thought of somethun I wanted to tell ya, I watch all my television on my old 20 year old 25 inch R. C. A. television set and always have the close caption for the hearing impaired, like me. It dawned on me why I spell so bad. That damn television set can't spell worth a hoot!!! HA, HA, HA!

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