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Saturday, November 16, 2013

That's A Lot of CRAP!"

Hello . . . dere, my friends! You don't mind if I call you my friend, do ya? Friends are important and I reckon those of you that have read very many of my posts, know a lot 'bout me. (You probably, know more about me than I do because I'm getting forgetful.)  I be a works in progress. Will be till the day me old heart gives out. I just celebrated another birthday recently. Well I didn't do no celebrating. Shite what's there to celebrate. Had to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles to renew me drivers license. It's been six fricking years, Seems more like a year in Glen's view.  Man oh man, do them people go to training to take pictures er what? That's one old ugly man! That can't be me! I look, I look, 80 years old!!! Ya know I and a million other people would be a willing to pay more to renew my license . . . IF you can turn back time, a tad! Sheesh . . . I bet ya, softer lighting would take off a few years. Take the computer technology of today and make my hair a mite darker. No. no. no, not black. My goodness, I look so pale! I wasn't sick until I saw that photo you took! The lady asked, "Do you have any mental or physical handicaps?" "Yep!!!" "First off for even coming in here today! Should have my head examined!" I beat the handicappers by living this long, coming from the family I do!" Mental disorders runs in my family, waay back! That was before the modern Doctors thought up all these modern disorders and the Pharmas went in cahoots! They got so many disorders today, they have to write  a new book every year to keep up! I come from poor rural hill people, they would just say, "Billy Ray Earl Bob, be touched." (Touched my ass, he be 11 eggs short of a dozen!)

Here be just a few disorders of people I come into contact every damn day!

A. O. W. D. (Afraid of work disorder.)

C, D. W. A. S. D.  (Can't drive worth a shite disorder.)

This be my favorite disorder. D. D. D. (Damn Dumass Disorder.)

Disorders are out of control today. Must be something in the water. Ya reckon chlorine may have something to do with it? I be soo addicted to me water with chlorine in it, it just don't taste right without it! Who the fuck wants to drink that glacier water? That shits been around forever! Give me that recent rain water with nuclear stuff, acid rain! Them ones that live on a large river, have all the fun. The water for the community be pulled in from the river, cleaned up with all the modern water treatment clean er up stuff, that our modern money can buy, treated and sent to your home. Then it gets flushed. Now  . . . where ya suppose that water goes back to . . . humm? Yep down river! Now by the time all that water has been treated, flushed a gazillion times, what do ya reckon be in that shit? (I mean water!" Now I reckon, all the drugs that has been flushed out through our pill addict disorderly nut cases, has created more disorders than you can count.

How about them G. M. O's?  They been a tinkering with everything we eat.

One of these days there won't be a need to go to the drug store. Just be sure you drink from the community water supply!

This leads me to another thing. People today are addicted to drinking water from plastic bottles. (I was thirsty one hot summer day and wanted some water while I delivered product in me truck. Well there was a soda machine on the dock. One dollar and twenty five cents for a 20 ounce bottle of water. What? Okay I do not wish to spoil anybody's happiness, or raineth on your parade. Do you think all the water sold in plastic bottles, is from them pure mountain streams? (Oh come on now! Do you really . . . I mean truly think, what's in them bottles is, is, is, I can't finish!)

This week I go to get some blood work. Seems my potassium level is low. Yep I told my Doc a couple months ago "when I use the bathroom I have been aware of a large white pill not dissolving, in my stool. Has been going on fer a spell. Do you reckon my body ainna dissolving them potassium pills no more? Well now them pills ain't cheap ya know! To make this disgusting story short, I now take the liquid potassium and it is much cheaper. How the hell did I get on this here subject. I best go back and read my post to figure this out!   ("""I cannot believe I wrote, whatta, I wrota today! Am I still typing or just thinkin?""")     OH CRAP!!!

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  1. Great post!!! Glad to see you writing regularly again. Keep up the good work!'s GMO's(genetically modified organisms)...y'know, like all the corn and corn products we eat? Although HMO(health maintenance organization) works too. 12-year-olds pushing drugs. ;)