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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Moonshiners And MORE!!!

Hello its me, seems I've been gone for a long, long time. I wish to write something funny, that's what I prefer. Since I haven't been to work for about six weeks, I have nothing funny nor upsetting to talk upon. Wow, does work affect me that much, apparently so. My current situation finds me in a very laid back, peaceful, controlled environment.

I paid a visit to an old Bud of mine whom I've not talked to in about a year he is my age and also had a heart attack about a year ago. It was rather fun in a weird way to talk about such facts with him. He is doing well. He actually had surgery where I was lucky no cutting on me just several strange and most unexpected complications which lead yours truly, to two hospital stays in different hospitals. Those of you that read my blog regularly know of my problems so I won't rehash them. By the way my Buddy is writing a book with a very interesting story line. I look forward to reading it.

I've been enjoying the sunshine getting me some natural vitamins from our father Sun. It warms me through and through and revitalizes my white hospital stay complexion. I know why the hospitals are always white. As long as your complexion is not as white as the walls you'll make it!

I slowly feel my body returning to normal. I'm bored to death but not ready for the rat race to return. I must have a new attitude to keep me straight at work when I return. Can I do it? Well I'll shall see! I must tone my way of working and mindset, wow seems soo easy don't it?

Ya see, I have unfinished business, within myself. Simple yet important to me.

Since tests show my heart sound, why retire? Should a little blood clot stop me from working well, let's examine this a mite closer. What are the chances of me passing out again? Slim, most likely! I'm on medicine to keep this from happening.

If I'm healthy enough to work why not? I've worked all my life, it seems as normal as an omelet for breakfast. If I don't eat my cheese omelet will my tiny world fall apart? I know nothing but work! Right now my life is boring, as I recover for, if nothing else but enough health to return to work. I don't want to sit around and watch the boob tube, winter is near, what's a poor boy to do?

I wish not to return to the same environment, yet part of that I miss, I enjoyed it, it be a catch 22 heah??? I love the endorphin effect of satisfying myself and pushing my mind, body, and spirit to new levels. Achievement and simple successes are what keeps this old country boy alive!


To come back from such an ordeal, to merely sit on the sofa, and watch Reality shows ain't for me baby! I know nothing else but manual labor. I struggle with writing a post without the human environment of ideas which all my posts come from. My dreams are gone, hopefully they'll return.

I do have a new idea, I have been watching documentaries of which I love and some of these newer reality shows I've seen. I thought about reviewing them and adding my thoughts and humor like this one I'll write about called "Moonshiners".


All of us have heard stories about moonshiners, haven't we? Apparently it still is a big business, of that I don't fully understand. why? People still brew this alcohol of 140 proof. Still a big market for it so they run the risk of going to jail. Their stills are placed in wooded areas around water. The Appalachian Mountain area is where this program is being filmed with camera crews following these moonshiners. Ain't that such a fucking hoot that camera crews are actually there, I cannot get over that one fact!

Theses moonshiners are a different breed, outlaws as such, proud to make a living brewing hooch. I suppose the life in the Appalachian Mountains is reclusive with individuality that helped make America. I try to understand but cannot because I live too far away from these mountains. I do not, from my humble upbringing and poor country roots where my grandparents on m father's side lived off the land in a poor county independent of electricity, running water and all modern conveniences, I would visit as a child, they did not know any other life. To be able to live in such an environment is too much realization to the world of today.

I have respect for ones able to live such hard life BUT . . . I HAVE ALWAYS LIVED BY THE LAW AND THE RULES THEREOF.

I remember as a child watching a movie I believe called "Tobacco Road". with Robert Mitchum. I was fascinated by it and as always believe movies are based on some facts and a lot of Hollywood.

Another amazing fact is that the moonshiners built such fast cars, beefing the frame up to hold the extra weight become the forerunners of Nascar.  These true life moonshine racers would find a cornfield on weekends and make their own racetracks.

Independence, ingenuity, outlaw behavior is fascinating and what has made America, AMERICA!
The minutemen in the war for independence from the British was crucial in the freedom for all!

I'm getting a tad sidetracked but that independence mindset still lives today here in the Appalachian Mountains, I'm convinced of that!

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