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Friday, October 17, 2014

Just a lollygagging!

I've been home about 8 days, slowly my strength is returning. My sister has been staying with me while my wife works. Seems most unusual as she goes off to work and I'm at home. Haven't had any caffeine nor sugar since the heart attack, Blood pressure is running the best its ever been, around 120 over 70. I'm cold all the time wearing a sweatshirt in the house.

Cold dreary days of fall are among us, trees are turning their individual colors, beauty of the season, changes are here.

I want to write something funny, yet seems I'm not quite ready yet. I feel good mentally, it will come as I get back in the swing of things, maybe an unusual word will pop in my somewhat back to whatever NORMAL is! I know not normal, never have, never will, don't want to! For if normal is what some of the nin-ca-poops I've seen them I wish to stay me, a poor country boy.

I think I'll try my meditation thing, close my eyes and let a word or thought come to me. Trouble is I may go to sleep, that'll be okay maybe a dream will give me something to write about, sooo here goes.

Nothing coherent, but that's me isn't it. Maybe normalcy of me is returning?

How about LOLLYGAG?

Well I see lolli as in lollipop. I see gag as in there is a gag order for keeping his mouth shut, or the lollipop broke free of the stem and almost gagged old Glen.

Old Glen lollygagged too long in the hospital and now he is not worth a shit!  (Yep that a good one! ) Lollygag also means dawdle.

Dawdling about on a cold winter's day accomplishes nothing, but sure feels good.

Drew and Sue dawdle about and are late to school everyday.


Today I watched as my sister and her husband cleaned my gutters and mow my grass. I may have learned a secret here!  While sitting in the 70 degree sunshine, I watch as work is being dome. Huumm . . . I like it. All it cost me was Lasagna!

Haven't learned anything in the last month, except this here old man be stress free. I LIKE IT!

Haven't read a newspaper in a month, please tell me what I've missed!

You know I had an interesting thought today. I'm qualified for full Social Security benefits at 67, would they consider someone who was dead and shocked back to life a few times, eligible for full disability benefits?

My sister and I went grocery shopping today, she didn't think I was strong enough! I had a plan ya see. I had her let me out at the door and I waited on her. I pushed the grocery cart for balance. I've progressed from one of them walkers to one of them 4 toed canes to be able to move around the house un-aided. That's quite a feat, BELIEVE ME!!! in just a few weeks.

There I go get windy, (Oh yeah Glen Bob returneth!)

One of my favoritiest (meant to) sayings is "plan your work and work your plan." I had me a plan at the grocery store. Since my sister was unfamiliar, and I knowsa where everythang be, I stopped at certain spots and let her be my legs.

We took a ride through the countryside on a beautiful sunshiny day, umm, umm, umm, wonderbar! (yep meant to!)

Well back home we made some Lasagna. She said, "I've never made Lasagna before!"

I replied "really, old Glen is a gonna show you!' We made some mighty fine Lasagna and I sent some home with her. On the menu for Monday is a jello cake.

My momma showed me how to cook when I was but a tadpole. My first job was at a restaurant with my great aunt, she taught me more about cooking, and that hobby has lasted all my life. Just one of many hobbies I used to have, but as we age seems the hobbies slow down. We're in too big a hurry and buy fast food, yep we're all guilty!


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  1. You sound in such good spirits. That warms my heart. Keep on keeping on dear one. Each day you get stronger. My best to you and your lady and I hope things continue to go well. I know it must be different watching your wife go out to work and you being home. Will take some getting used to I am sure.