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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Remember Me?

Been here, there, every were, yet no where, in my mind, I must say. Visited the land of my dear mother, been thinking about nothin'. That there be harder than one thinks. That's a mite funny, heh? There be so much stupid shite, a going on around this old fat fart.

Ya see I been holding every thing and just let 'er fly out as gas. My doggie won't stay in the same room any more. The best thing to do is just vent. Humm, should a learned to do that a long time ago! Suppose it be better late than never, I'd reckon.

When I dare venture out into the land, the land . . . I say the land of the lost. The ignoramus's of the world have further united. Folks old fat fucker here is gonna explain the number one problem amongst my little town in the mid of the Midwest is,,,,,,,,,,,,,   [drum roll in your head, come on, do it for O. F. F.]  old fat fucker. I gonna make that my handle, fits me like the glove of. O. J.'s. Y'all remember the Juice don't ya?

I been doing some contemplating, about giving this here writin' shite another go. When I was working, instead of retirement as I am now, I much to peck about. I find myself so bored, I can no longer stand it. The hard part will be sitting down at me computer. I've not used it in months. I fund myself starring at the television, flipping channels, so fucking bored! I have got hooked on the evening news, I watch Lou Dobbs, and have watched the republican debates. I told myself I was not gonna do this and gosh darn it I did. Perhaps I can get back into my blogging again. I cannot help as many thoughts come to mind. The government has not thought of a way yet to scan my brain through my computer, or zero in from the satellites, have they?

How I've tried to stay away from politics, yet I'm drawn to all the acts under the big top.

This is my attempt at rejoining something I used to love. Will try with all my might and what few synapses I have left. I come across a late night commercial the other night about a medicine that can help me poor old tired brain to function better, available at my drug store. I'mma gonna, get me a whole bunch. I'm gonna get me some more drugs to make my sexual appetite like I'm 20 again. My old fucking heart will give out, who gives a shite if I'm gonna die there ain't no better way to go than have an orgasm so powerful it pushes your eyes out of your sockets, and curls them toes. HAHA!

Hopefully my sense of humor returns.    


  1. I am SO HAPPY to see you back. Now stop going away for months. It scares me haha!!

  2. Thanks Timster and C. For quite a while I have been stuck mid-way in the rut of life. Not bottoming out, not on top. It's really hard to explain. Those of you that know me will come to understand thru my words. Where I go no one knows, perhaps that in itself is the fun part, heah partners?????? O. F. F.


    1. I look forward to whatever you write and wherever you go. Just glad to see you back here dear one.