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Friday, December 11, 2015


I wish to revisit automatic writing. Automatic writing = writing automatically. Damn that be right simple. Hope I clarified that fer ya. Everybody knows what writing is. Automatic is like yer car, put 'er in automatic and go like hell, until a stop light. Follow me now as I attempt automatic writing after taking my late night medicine. I take so much medicine it's a wonder my mind even works. As the medicine makes me woozy, the screen becomes hard to see.

My newest, favoritiest word is mendacious. Not a pretty word but a real doozy. There is so much of this word going around it reminds me of politics. Aw shite! I told myself but myself never listens, "I'm not going to discuss politics, nor religion."

You know, I have found myself in a new predicament, imagine that. I thought nothing about everything, and everything about nothing. ( Did I just say what I thought I said? ) That makes sense to me at this point in my life. Seems my mind is the same as when I dwell in coma, as in thinking about nothing, or watching the 24 hour a day news.

I have a question for you. Why do we need 24 hour a day news? I'm old enough to remember when we didn't. Is this the creation of a billionaire? Makes sense now. Poor old Ted Turner, creating the nightmare in the tube. Twenty four fucking hours of a mind control experiment to brainwash the masses. Yer asking "did he succeed?"

O. F. F. will give his nickel's worth of  opinion on that. First off, there's more commercials to be sold and them damn info-commercials. Late at night I have the television on and there's so many of these info-commercials, I feel like I know everything about everything. Add the barrage of medical wonder pills, my mind runneth over.

Money rules baby! Ol' Teddy created a monster, he took the money and bought all the land he could buy and raises buffalo. Who-wee I bet the largest landowner in America sees a lot o shite.

Side swiped again by me own brain. Folks . . . I SAY FOLKS . . . I'm just getting started, this here auto-writing, something or the other be my cup a tea. I just had cold chills running up my back, the spirit writers have returned to help this ol' boy out. Automatic writing, spirit writing, goofing around writing.

We are so bombarded by too much of too much, all the time everywhere we go! We cannot take it all in, our minds turns to jello, we're incapable of making decisions. We the middle class, search for a reason to carry on. The blue collar workers are incapable of the decision making process. The wise ones off the air waves. OOpsey, ( I like the two O's looks like I'm looking at ya. ) I mean bouncing off them satellites many of them wise commentators on the 24 hour a day news channels tell us this. I have heard the comment pitched many ways, but the think of those of us who never attended college as unknowing in the ways of the real world. Well baby, I worked over 40 years as a blue collar lower middle class act. I see that all politicians are highly educated. 

That in a nutshell sums everything up to me. I betcha all of them are millionaires, or will be after serving a few years. Serving my ass! Who? It sire the fuck ain't me or us the blue collar, hard working, backbone of America!

Who are they serving? You hear the word "Elites" thrown around, who are these people?

THAT'S ALL FOR TOAY FOLKS IT'S MY BEDTIME.                                               


  1. Thought maybe a new look will keep me focused.

    1. I like the new look. I think it is quite fitting for you. I wouldnt mind the news 24 hours if they actually told the truth about everything on the news, but we both know it isn't anywhere near the truth and yes, probably best I don't talk about that subject either, not news, not politics, not religion. :-)