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Sunday, February 15, 2015


It's 4 am, can't sleep. This is the time I use ta, ( I LIKE USE TA INSTEAD OF USE TO, I CARE NONE ABOUT CORRECTNESS, LIKE THAT THERE SONG I JUST WANNA HAVE FUN! ) (( Where the hell did that song come from?? ) write a post most every night. I'd come home after a hard day's night, always something on my mind to play with. Use ta, be so fun, I want that back. I need the emotional content, a jarring my mind to action. It sometimes would be magic, as I write a few lines, then something would take me away, a rant, a rave, a story, maybe something funny, well at least to me. Humor, rather finding humor, to make the stings be gone, the depressions of which there will always be, is essential for survival, with the pace, the tone of the world today. I'll never got used to the stupidity, the lack of class, lack of teamwork, lack of leadership. I never will. Morals, values are gone forever! It's all about, me, me, me.

Maybe its time to reintroduce myself to my readers. I'm a simple man who was fortunate to grow up in another era, where it was so much easier than today.

I was born in the early 1950's. My first memories are of visiting my grandpa and grandma on my daddy's side. They were poor, real poor, they lived way out in what was called the hills and hollers, no electricity, I'm talking bare bones here. Heat and cooking was done on a wood cook stove, out house, no running water, pigs, chickens, a large garden as they canned vegetables for the winter. I know we cannot imagine such a thing in our cozy homes of today.

On my mother's side, my grandpa worked for the railroad and provided a decent living for his family. Family oriented, all the children graduated high school, none on my father's side did. My grandpa whom I'm named after was a hard working, down to earth tall, slim man. His hobby was growing a large garden for the family, and yes, it was canned for the winter, no supermarkets in the country especially way back when.

I grew up a sum what normal chubby boy. Scars of my father and his scars of upbringing still carry baggage to this day. My mother is an angel! No use ta elaborate on that can't get any better.

Work is all I've ever known until last year. I'm now retired collecting what I've paid in all my life. Hard to get used to, but feel I'm over the hump. I've worked all my life in factories. Well that's not true at the age of 16 I began my career as a bus boy/dishwasher and soon learned all the jobs within the restaurant. I pumped gas for a year or so after high school. ( Yes once upon a time this was done! ) Then factories paid the most for somebody like me so, hi-ho! hi-ho! it was off to work I go!

Paid my taxes done what was expected of me for 47 years done many a jobs from janitor to management. Always gave my all and cared too much by the standards of today. I was forced to retire, we get older companies don't want our experience any more. The older ones are put out to pasture, mainly today because of old age ailments and INSURANCE.

Married for over 40 years, that's my proudest accomplishment. If it was not for my wife, and family I believe I'd sooner stayed there when my heart stopped. NO! I'm not depressed anymore, there was peace. That is self explanatory! I have a post in mind and I'll elaborate more on what may seem to you somewhat unusual.

A few years ago I wanted to place my thoughts down. I began trying, man it ain't easy, having no experience at such a thing, nor ever using a keyboard before. Working in factories all my life, never needed to. I was a grease monkey not a white shirt.

It was brutal, to say the least. I have enjoyed every minute and proud of myself for plugging away at the impossible for a poor boy like me.

Many obstacles have set me back in the last couple years. I'm a tryin' to get back on the horse after being thrown many times.

I have several posts in mind, a new puppy has taken much of my time recently, A chihuahua, that I'm considering naming Chi.

I take pride in you visiting my humble site. The older posts continue to get solid results, I still wonder why I took this path, ( Thanks Timster! ) it's been a real hoot and hope for more a plenty to follow. The Adventures Of Me And Chi. An old retired fat man and a three pound puppy. 


  1. I learned most of this through reading your blogs the last couple of years. I'm glad you are not depressed and are getting used to the new life. I know it has to be hard after so many years of working five days a week.
    But if anyone can move on, it will be you Professor, for your own sake as well as your lady and your family AND that new puppy !! I look forward to the adventures of you and the chihuahua. I sure hope she/he does not bark as much as the one living here in my house. She was my daughter's dog but she couldn't take her when they got stationed in Idaho. The pup does not ride well in a car so 2600 miles would probably have killed her at her age.


  3. Ok, now I am worried again .....