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Sunday, February 8, 2015


I'm not sure what happened on yesterday's post. I opened my mind and damn, my stream of consciousness, started screaming and my fingers would not stop. Perhaps that is good to get it out of my system and begin again. Therapy, I'd say, psycho-analyzing me-self! That's funny psycho, and analyzing. Humm, I gotta dwell on that fer, a second or two. If you had a psycho, analyzing himself , you would not need a therapist nor a psychiatrist prescribing the good, latest drug of choice for the psycho impaired.

I have confused myself, I looked up psychotic, psychosis, now I feel funny, confused, insane, mentally unstable, deranged and generally fucked up. Oh! I get it now, that was when I used to work I was that way, and . . now I'm all better.

I best mosey away from that psychiatry mumbo jumbo, it's too confusing! I'll prime me pump and see where the stream thing takes me, after all I ainna learnin' nothin' no more.  (Lookee there, I plum forgot to put the g in learnin' and nothin'." I may just turn 'er loose and get right silly. I don't like writin' right, nor serious, It takes too much out of me, and I ainna, gotta, too much left in there, you know!

I'm an old boy not understanding much. I reckon that a be the way too go anyhow. Thinkin' too much 'bout any darn thing, it'll produce headaches in the old farts like me, yes-sir. Once upon a time when I would read the newsie paper and watcha the evening news I'd be a shakin' my head fer about an hour confused and stuck on power down mode. After 'bout an hour me wife would smack me back to the real world. We'd watch Jeopardy and The Wheel of Fortune to somewhat gather me wits. These brainiacs they have on Jeopardy, where did they come from? Another planet, ain't NOBODY I worked with, or hung around have a memory like these brain aliens. One thing fer sure they weren't schooled in America!

I have a temporary news flash, ( heavens to Betsy, ) been a spell since I have had a bulb above me head. About 25 years or so, give or take a few brain cells, I would get what's called cluster headaches. Well ya ain't experienced a headache until you've experienced these devils. I bet yer a thinkin' "This Glen fella has experienced many ailments in his life, yep! Physical and mental, I been there, done that. Ya see that is why I call it GLEN VIEW, causin' I like a to do it my way, and because there be many looney-tooney characters that like to visit and play with me. Ya know GLEN VIEW as in a mental hospital, years ago they'd just lock us up in a sanitarium. They had no good drugs back then, just electric shock therapy and tie you in a wheel chair and make you stare at the other inmates.

Oh my! I be a full of shite tonight! Guess what? I love it. Is some of the old Glen a creeping back in. Since my stays in real hospitals, no! no! no! not the modernized versions of GLENVIEW. Actual hospitals for heart attacks and such.

I have come to the conclusion the last few trying months. "I know conclusively nothing about nothing, and will run for State Senator and The White House in a few years." Yep, I'd be a good ol' politician, get me some aides to do all my thinkin' fer me, some pretty ones to boot, and try to waste all your money for you. Have military in all the countries of the world. YEP, I CAN DO THAT!!!!! 

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  1. I'm not going to say for sure, but I think perhaps "He's Bacccckkkkk" !!! Again it is good to see you writing and seeming to enjoy it. My day is complete now !