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Friday, January 30, 2015

In Search Of

Hello friends. In the age of caffeinated jet fuel for the young-ins of the modern age I have weaned myself totally off of the caffeine buzz. I know! DAMN . . . never thought I could do it! My blood pressure has been real good for months, yip-pee! I drink milk, water and decaffeinated drinks. Hells fire, I gotta no place to go, soo, why get there sooner!

I been a thinkin' about reviewing these stinkoid programs they call. REALITY, or I could give some more vulgar descriptions of some, of . . . of . . . I don't have the words of wisdom to describe them! Just when I think I've screened rock bottom, I witness hell in all its glory! Actually it has been quite comical, I tell myself, "I ainna gonna watch a no more of these bottom feeders of a so called program!".  Scum sucking, fucking mind numbing ????????????????? So I have in mind reviewing for y'all out there these here so called whatch-a-ma-call-them, shows. Ya see I have absolutely nothin' to lose! I be retarded, and retired, so I already fucked up and a little more won't matter.

I thought I had seen some screwy people in my life but these people on these programs are literally out of this world!!!!!!! Yeah that be the only way this here old boy can explain it. Hey I ainna kiddin' ya! If you think I am channel surf and wow-za, smack dab in the face any hour of the day!

I will become a television critic, for those of you that don't have the time to watch stinkoid T.V. I on the other hand have the time.

This could be a lot o fun, I wanted to be a movie critic in my younger years, so maybe I will be a television critic in search of intelligent shows. Maybe, just maybe I've found my calling in life. There has to be intelligent life forms out there somewhere, please join me as I venture into uncharted territory of ignoramus fucking morons. You know I have stumbled, rather, fallen and returned back to life and found where my destiny lies. Wrap my long lost sense of humor to television viewing in search of . . . ???

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  1. Hahaha!! I gave up watching TV for the most part quite some time ago, but I would love to read your thoughts on the crazy people that inhabit the world of make believe now. Of course they call it all "reality" tv now, so if that is the truth, I will stick to my "make believe" life . Looking forward to the first review Glen :-)