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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Heere's Glenny!!!

Well now, my fingers feel like they need to do some walking.

Many moons ago there was a commercial about letting your fingers do some walking in the yellow pages of the phone book. How ancient is that?

I go through the break room today and two young-ins, as in around 20, were zig-zagging and giving them little plastic gadgets a mighty workout. I'm convinced the future will bring a new kind of Doctor. A Fricking @#%&ing Finger Specialist, fixing the gadget users use, of over used finger playing, or whatever the @#$% you wanna call it!

Us old fogeys are worried about arthritis robbing our fingers. Either the fingers will be worn out at the age of 50 on the younger generation, OR them fingers will balloon up from use. Like steroids increasing weightlifters. (Using the middle finger, as a message will certainly intensify the meaning won't it?)

AH, HA, HA, HA, Imagine along with me. (Please try, if not, I have an imagination big enough for all of us!)

Huge oversized fingers. "Holy shit Batman!"  says Robin.

See how one thing can lead and does . . . in me mind.

Okaaaaaaaaaaaay enough of that crap! My finger is so tired from actual working, it stuck on the a, and my other fingers had to help. See what arthritis does to the old-uns!

I lost this post before I ever got it!

What be new in your neck of the woods? Same O, same O right?

Work is okay. Work is . . . work, ya know.

I'm trying to formulate me a new nightly routine. I get off work in time to enjoy a television show. I'm an addict, yep! I like watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory. (Don't tell no one, this will be our little secret! OKAY?) If it wasn't for them !@#$ing commercials it would be as good as meditation! I get me some ice water, sit in me easy chair, and before me old ass hit's the cushion, my new dog Jack is in me lap. Yep, don't get any better than that! After a hard day working in The Looney Tune factory, with all the Loons, my relaxation moments . . . seem so, so, so GOOD! (My I. Q. goes down to !@#$ing moron during the commercials. I hit the mute button and try not to look.) Damn idiots, am I still typing?  

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