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Thursday, March 19, 2015


I may not complete this post and go with whatever is there. We all know what "he's a horse's ass means" right? A donkey is also called an ass, but I  don't believe that is downing the poor little donkey, somewhere's along the line and I know not why this example come to be.

(((UH! I wanna warn ya, I been tryin' to learn proper English through my hearing impaired close caption thing a-ma-jig on me tele, ya ee! ))) Wells now I am a tad confused, I see words that just donna seem spelled correcto-mundo to me.I be hearing impaired along with other impairments of age, and . . . it seems correcto, well at least to me sometimes. Then other times it really be screwy (ya though I was gonna say fucked up, didn't you?) Oops!!! I did . . . I did . ..I DID! Damn it! Here's the conclusion me old brain come-a to. I think they let computers decipher the words and they's fuk them up, yes they does! Maybe there ainna enough English majors arounds no more to properly fix them there wurdS! That there be an old fat farts opinion!

Oh, oh, oh I lostee me trane of thinkin' imagine that! ) is trane an air-conditioner or one of them big loco-motive what-cha-ma-call-its that runs on the tracks? )

Back to what the title of this lost post says. Asses. I binged it and guess a what it won't give me the definition of ass, so I punched in arse since that's how I think the English spell it. Nope so I was gettin' perplexed, flummoxed, mad, fucked up, causin I heard that word a gazillion times. Where did that word go? So I punched in derriere, yep . . .  BINGO! Derriere = buttocks, butt for slang!

I type in butt, nope, I add an s and get butt splice, and butt surgery. What can't I get ass or the proper English version arse. I did not grow up hearing "buttocks, or derriere, I heard ass!, I'mma gonna whip yer ass!"

Good golly Miss Molly I'm out of it tonight!

The ass thing. Ya see there ainna nothin' I'd rather do than look at a woman with a nice, derriere, buttocks, ass. What in the world has happened to some of these ladies arses. ( I tried to proper that up! ) You know what I be a sayin' I don't have to e-l-a-b-or-a-t-e, no more, BUTT I'mma gonna. I see girls shakin', their ass so fast they could power a windmill on a windless day. You'll see a bunch of them on a certain channel convulsing like the old devil has cast a spell on them. I'mma thinkon' they a gonna shake their ass or pelvis loose and never be able to shake it ever again. What if they were working girls, you know! Anybody that had ass action like that could make a fortune! Yeah! Work that ass for a month or so and retire to The Bahamas. I'd be afraid of women that have asses and can shake it like that. Why they'd tear my manhood off.

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  1. Hahahahaha!!! what a way to start my morning !! I've never been much of an ass shaker....... haha . Oh, too much information there :-)